Blood kwa meffi!


Early today I noticed blood on the tissue paper after I took a dump (Yes, I usually look).This has gone on now for like 2 more trips to the loo.Cant sleep now.Nimetoka kuangalia bado it’s staining the tissue.
The stool itself is not noticeably bloody.BUT the tissue is.

No stomachache, appetite is Ok na mcoosh haiumi.Infact I wDnt have noticed if I DNT usually look at what’s on the tissue post dumping.
I don’t have a history with ulcers or anything that (I know of).
Google inaniambia sijui haemorrhoids n other stuff related to the food passageway.

Shait! Nitembelee kituo for (what) tests au to self medicate? Or is there dietary causes?

Please go and see a doctor ASAP. Do not self medicate.

check if its dark or bright,

if its dark you should be worried

if bright not as much

Probably a raptured sphincter from downloading huge dry shi1t,constipation is a sign of poor diet. Add some roughages/fiber to your diet,fresh fruit and wholemeal bread are important sources of roughage in the diet ,around 38grams for your age gap 19-30yo per meal

Inaeza kua nigukeuka kiasi juu ya hard shit. zoea kukunywa maji mingi to soften your shit

Ukikula mutura imekauka na mahindi choma kisha unamalizia na njugu karanga na muguka what do you expect?

It’s either that or you got drunk and passed out next to @uwesmake . And we all know that uwesmake has never let go of a good opportunity to destroy man booty. Navy seal man booty destroyer. Apex predator.

Na Meakins quarter ya industrial area, ati ni kutoa lock. Yaani unameza solvent inaeza osha paint brush na unasema hio ni pombe. The African.

Uncle alikukosea nini?

ct scan… i wish you well… but, it could be colon cancer. before you panic, enda mission hospital kama kijabe. doctors pale doctors plaza will bounce from one to the other

Hata sijui huwa ananiuliza nini. He is just jealous of my good looks, calm demeanour and my obvious superior intellect.

Sijui ni wivu ama ni kunikatia… And yet anajua sichezagi ligi ya trannies.

And you know @uwesmake can be very aggressive. Aliandama mzee mzima hadi akaingia box. Naskiaga tu @Mzee mzima akimsalimia, “Niaje anko? Anko unadai?”

there fixed…

constipation, Hemorrhoids , colon cancer …yote tisa, fanya vile @slevyn amesema.

Mjamaa amepasuka matako. Most probably it is a simple anal lining tear brought about by age and poor diet, colon cancer inaingilia wapi?

Huyu @slevyn ni mtu confused kaa babake. Kwao wote ni mafala. Ukimskiza utapotea. Some time back @Purple alisema vizuri sana hapa that with colon cancer mtu hutoa mavi nyembamba za black yaani tarry dried blood. To show that the bleeding happened up there and is dried, before getting down the rectum.

Ya huyu jamaa hapa juu ni kuraruka mkundu ama anal tear.

Kabati kwisha bomolewa

nigga ako na serious health concern… punguza umeffi

You need to go see a doc ASAP.

plus he should avoid sitting for long hours

If there’s something doctors repeat nowadays ni hio point. Car, office chair, car, house sofa Tv, sleep , car, office chair… repeat cycle.

You need a colonoscopy for proper diagnosis.and maybe abdominal CT scan

Increasing water intake may help relieve constipation but never ease,digestion gets messed up when wrong food gets inside,utavuna ulicho panda.Ushaiona shonde kando ya road ukajiuliza maswali nyeti ka zote za dunia?:D:D