Blogger Jackal Finally In Handcuffs

Mugo who calls himself Jackal on social media was arrested by Flying Squad officers who had been staking on him for the better part of the day. He was hiding in a house belonging to his cousin when police found him at about 7 pm after being on the run for two weeks.
Mugo is accused of sexually assaulting a sedated patient while posing as a medical doctor. He is also wanted for allegedly operating an illegal clinic in Kayole, Nairobi. Two of his employees were arrested during an operation on Saturday following a complaint by the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board. Flying Squad officers accompanied the board CEO Daniel Yumbia to the clinic on November 3 and arrested the two staff for operating without the required documents.

Mugo has been avoiding police dragnets since November 3 after he learned his staff had been arrested in Nairobi. The two staff who were interns at his clinic in Kayole have since been charged in court. Police pursuing him say he has been using up to 15 different sim cards in communicating with different people even as he moved from one place to the other. He was at one point trailed to Makuyu, Thika, Kiambu and later in Gachie. He kept shifting bases. Yego said they will process him before taking him to court tomorrow (Wednesday).
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How stupid do we have to prove ourselves to be?


Doctor Quack, finally arrested, hope this time round the prosecutor will have a sold case against him.
He seems not to be camera shy at all at all. Why such confidence ?

Wacha nisome nisikuwe an doctor kama yeye[ATTACH=full]208214[/ATTACH]

Pipe dream. Kenyan judges are wakora watupu.

As someone within the legal system, this is not really the truth. Granted, kuna a few corrupt ones but a lot of mishandling of cases occurs at police level. In turn prosecution doesn’t have a lot to work with then they can’t prove their case. Na the bench only acts on evidence before it. Si story za media ama opinions za watu. So stronger evidence and I guarantee you convictions will be a lot more.

Kama hatapelekwa 10feets huko kamiti hiyo case waachie raiya na watadeal na yeye vilivyo. Failure to that, leave public doctor alone he is serving the nation.

Chief, Kiuriso tu! Utasoma aje textbook ya physiology na notebook ya Health Service Management? Hata Mugo mwenyewe hakuchanganisha vitu hivyo!

Ati blogger hehe you got jokes!

So what exactly are they going to charge him with?

Unafanya HSM ama med undergrad?

Will the women come forward on the sexual assault charges? Hapo ndio shida ipo, even in the video they hid their identities, If they do not come forward he may be held on a lesser charge

Practicing and presenting as a doctor, operating an unlicensed clinic and a lot along those lines. Illegally carrying out abortions.
Then there’s sexual assault. If the assaulted ladies present themselves as witnesses this time.

They should. Hiyo video si there’s the original copy without the blurring for TV. So their identities are actually known.

Dr Jackal and Mr Hide?

anyone with a sizeable social media following is currently branded a blogger

atatoka tu alafu aendelee kutombea watu mabibi zao,hii ni kenya,kama uko na pesa mfukoni,sheria iko na wewe:cool::cool:

He is a fool…changing sim cards and using the same handset i presume.
BTW i like how detectives give u time to make a fool out of urself…trailing ur every step ndio wajue ur crime partners and hideouts and then arrest u when it is convenient to them

At some point the guy claimed to know some very powerful guys within Jubilee during the campaigns. Siasa ziliisha sasa kila mtu abebe gunia yake…

do i fall in that category?