Bloemfontein, Saus Afriga: 3 White Men Attack Black Teens At Pool They Consider ‘Whites Only'

Three white men were charged with crimes, including attempted murder and assault, after attacking two Black teenagers in South Africa, ABC News reports.

A viral video posted to social media on Christmas Day (Dec. 25) showed the men violently attempting to prevent two Black boys from entering a swimming pool at the Maselspoort Resort located in Free State, a region known for persistent racial tensions.

The incident caused an uproar due to the extreme violence of the aforementioned white men. In the video, they attempted to strangle, slap and dunk the teens’ heads underwater. Further security surveillance showed the trio attempting to prevent the Black

[ATTACH=full]487690[/ATTACH]teens from entering the pool, then, as they managed to get in, another group of white people who were swimming promptly exited.

According to the news outlet, the suspects claimed they were stopping the boys not because of their skin color, but because the pool was reserved for resort clients.

On Tuesday (Dec. 27), South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said it was “deplorable that adults dealing with teenagers resort to violence with such disturbing ease.” “We must be united in ridding our society of the violence we see in the videos of the incident at the Free State resort, whether such violence comes with racism or not,” he added.

One of the accused, Jacobus Johannes Classen, appeared at a Bloemfontein court and was released on bail today (Dec. 29), the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said in a statement. He faces charges of attempted murder, assault and crimen injuria, an offense that means inflicting humiliation through obscene or racially offensive language.

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