Blocking Ads

I have installed Adblock Plus on my browser but every time i go to pirate bay this stupid Betin Ads keep popping up when i click on Magnet link.I have even tried copy pasting the link but nothing works.Which other Ad blocker exists that is better, or what am i missing?

Works for me


Does it block all the popup Ads on pirate-bay?,i am seeing these Ads are even bypassing Adblock plus and ublock origin?

if they are popping when u click on link, just use pop up blocker. I use it on chrome

Block all pop-ups on your browser…alafu maybe he is using an event listener e.g onload, onclick, onhover etc and JavaScript kicks in and does what it does best…

Haki Nattydread has posted this cure so many times. It worked for me. Just google what he posted. I do not see a squeak of any ads anymore.

Pop up blocker has worked well, thanks

Boss ikishindikana jaribu CM browser you see what you want

Which browser is this?

Chrome for mac