Nakumbuka nikutusiwa nikisema they don’t have accountability for where their money is going, when I pointed out paywall yao inaenda to ActBlue, a democrat campaign donor, how their manifesto had things like dismantling patriarchy and trans rights, how they only resurface before elections. However, people let their emotions override logic wakatuma pesa yote. CEO alijibuyia 4 mansions and much more


wacha waafrika wakule pia

This BLM scam was always a money laundering scheme. Even legit black americans had their businesses destroyed by the hooligans

stick to issues you’re familiar with, for example sabina joy.

@Enhe has never even set foot on an airplane & he’s now acting like an American politics expert.

Yep. It doesn’t matter where the black man is, the #niabm curse follows him like a shadow. People forget that Black Americans are just glorified Nigerians.

Blm is a scam

.Upuzi from low inferiority shits.

You can’t compare this low-level scam with the kind of crap some Jews like Madoff pull…

Mjidharao wenyewe…

It’s your responsibility as a black person not to fall and justify the #niabm belief.