Blecks Huroga Aje Gari Na Hata Baisikeli Hatuwezi Manufacture?

Someone please explain how witchcraft works because mtu successiful akifa kutokana na car accident inasemekana alirogwa na watu walio kuwa na wivu.

How do those powers affect mechanical objects such as brakes and steering system.

Kama wanaweza kuroga gari si hata kuzitengeza mpya wanaweza?





Fanya kazi kwa bidii uache kuwa bottom of the barrel low iq bonobo chiet ili pia waseme ulirogwa

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Blecks kwanza wangeanza kwa kuroga mashamba ili wavune chakula kingi waache kuwa Slaves wa EU na USA.

It is a global thing. Even the germans and swiss practiced witchcraft.

…The exact number of people executed during the European witch-hunting craze is unknown, though estimates run to the tens of thousands. In some parts of Europe, such as Germany, the majority of the accused were female, whereas, in Iceland, male witches predominated. There were various signs that a person was a witch, and there were several methods used to extract a confession from the accused.

… the first systematic European witch-hunt began in Valais, Switzerland. This witch-hunt lasted eight years and resulted in the deaths of 367 people. To be condemned, a person had to have at least three neighbors publicly state that they were a witch. The majority of those accused in the Valais witch trials were male peasants. These individuals were subjected to torture, under which confessions were extracted concerning meetings with the Devil — who had supposedly urged the accused to avoid mass and confession, in exchange for the reward of the ability to fly. Others confessed to having the power to kill their neighbors or to change into werewolves.

The condemned were mostly burnt to death, with a few being beheaded. Victims were tied to a ladder that was pushed into a pyre. As final mercy, the authorities tied bags of gunpowder around the witches’ necks to hasten their deaths in the flames.

Keyword ni PRACTICED

…in the 17th century. Not the 21st.

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So what is Illuminati and devil-worshipping by your high IQ white man? Low IQ moron.

Those are just stupid fraternities and religions just like stupid Christianity