Blaze: A Tale of Corporate Espionage

There’s this expose by Wahome Thuku on behind the curtains dealings of the Blaze Campaign with very juicy details of what transpired (watu wa akanyal click msiniletee)*s*s*s*s*s*s

Its in parts

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TMG denied that they had copyrighted the work purposely to extort from Safaricom in the Blaze campaign. They said Safaricom had the notoriety of taking works from third parties and putting it to their own use without acknowledging the moral rights subsisting thereof.

Think Safcom stole from them then sabotaged them for good measure, now things are coming to light. But 100M annual retainer, hio nyama ni tamu sana

Jamhuri day ile kitu naweza click tu ni clit.


But I’ve always wondered, how is Safaricom benefitting/profiting from this project… if they can pay out 100milli a year

Wapi naweza pata fridge quality ya between 22-35k omwami?

mpya ama ex uk?


Hi niliona when matter and anti-matter were still cancelling each other out .

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Niongeze tafadhali@Gio…

read it some few days ago from thuku’s page…safcom walai

fit for a movie script

This reads like an episode of Mad Men

Hii story ni shamba yote ya matunda

Mpya angalia supermarket ile make umefeel na hiyo price range, then enda luthuli avenue utafute huko. Itakuwa cheaper huko juu hawalipangi tax. Nita inbox wewe jamaa mmoja wa luthuli uone kama mtasaidiana.

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Thanks man. Just read your message.

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Too long…someone explain in short what this blaze thing is all about…sijawai elewa