Blatant disregard of law within government systems

A better title would be ‘blatant disregard of the law on both sides’

The people who are crying loudest about ‘disregard for rule of law’ are the same people who frustrated the enforcement of a court order from the highest court in the land by creating a hostile and violent envirinment so as to stop the conducting of the repeat poll.

They are the same people who even after the pronouncement of the ‘swearing in’ illegal by the custodians of the rule of law, disregarded that and went ahead to perform an illegal and unconstitutional act.

They are the same people even when served with a valid court order from the High Court in Machakos stopping the activities of the so-called people’s assemblies, disregarded the same and went ahead in clear contempt of the orders.

But you, will never hear of yellow ribbon campaigns or boycotts called to protest this behavior.