Am I the only one who finds AMC tv series the preacher blasphemous?? especially ssn 2 where it depicts Jesus engaging in adultery with a married woman at the dead of the night and once his disciples are in the vicinity he pretends to be healing the woman??

it also depicts the son of Jesus having a deformity as a result of an incest relationship Jesus had??

Some Christian groups in America had gone on protests calling on AMC to cancel the series due to its blasphemous nature

I quit watching season 2 after a few episodes

Freedom of expression/speech. Blasphemy ni nini ata?

Wacha wacheze na dini yao, iko nini?

si uachane u nayo basi, season 3 God i riding a superbike with a hot girl in tow

For those of us that are slow a rink is in order.

can’t people just mind their own godamn business,pick a struggle already,ni vipindi utaangalia kisha uanze kupayuka ama ni kanisa utaenda upewe story hazina vichwa?

I can’t wait for the Saint of Killers to kill God in the season finale. They are following the comics by Neil Gallman and it’s going to be glorious!