Blank Panther Reviwes

So in this one africa is not the poor place where junguz come to exploit us,I like the strong African culture portrayed by Wakanda people, apparently, Africa is the strongest continent and leading in technology and weapons. I loved the virtual represented car. Nyako pia ako sawa[ATTACH=full]168837[/ATTACH]

I am yet to watch the movie. I hate super heroes movies but i will try and watch it over the weekend.

I got that movie because of the hype but I just cant bring myself to watch it.

Loved it completely, abit of overkill with the full presentation of all African cultures in one place which gets your head spinning but it well written, well acted, great storyline and the special effects were great. When the 4K version comes out I will get it just to relieve the special effects again. I was very proud of it. Wakanda forever.

Wakanda of shit comment is this?

here is the link Sir

I am not the kind that buys into the hype. I have tried watching super heroes movies but nimeshindwa with in ten minutes of watching any superheroes movie najipatanga nimebadilisha.

and you honestly think Wakanda was about Africa

Am also not a fun of Scifi movies but this one is worth it

Why is it worth it?

haina hio superhero mob the storyline kinda sweeps u away . damn you just watch the movies

Really? If I had to give a detailed summary of the story in 50 words or less I’d still have a few words to spare. I found it OK… not nearly as good as we were made to believe… ultimately overrated. It proves that nothing ever lives up to the hype.

Have you watched hogan?. Very nice movie.That is the best movie i have ever watched.Try it.

I hardly watch movies, mimi ni series and documentaries

I too haven’t watched it

Thanks for the link. Will try to over the weekend.