Blaming Sharon's murder on her adultery doesn't demonstrate your high moral standing; it only shows that you're an insensitive asshole.


An unplanned pregnancy or even an STD can be justifiably attributed to irresponsible sexual behavior. Likewise, a tarnished reputation can be justifiably attributed to immoral sexual behavior such as adultery.

However, the casual link many try to make between being adulterous and being a victim of brutal murder is weak at best and ignorant at worst.

Sharon died because she unwittingly crossed the path of homicidal men, as did Msando. Neither are responsible for their deaths. They were victims!

Put even simpler: If you got oral herpes from eating out a hooker and I responded to that with “serves you right”, I would be well within reason. But if you got murdered by said hooker for not doing it the way she likes and I responded with “serves you right”, I would have crossed the line into “insensitive asshole” territory.

Kenyans are a bunch of hypocrites…
They are busy blaming the victim yet the perpetrators of this crime are out there doing the same thing to another person.

you are being too simplistic

How so?

You did not need to write extra words…the heading had all the pertinent info. Its a post unto itself…

I hear you. But the fact that there are people essentially saying that she had it coming means it’s not self-evident.

And another thing. Sharon did not commit adultery. Think about it.

In a number of quarters blackmail will get you killed. That’s not absolving the killer of blame but a warning for those going down that path. What’s the difference with men who are caught with someone’s wife na kuwekelewa panga ya matako?

Halafu if it is true the chic was giving it up to both father and son makes it even worse. Kimila yetu, the boys you get circumcised with hamufai kusalimiana.

And Sunday , yes Sunday you will see them in church praying and talking in tongues saying " mungu atafanya haya yote yaishe"

That’s right. She fornicated. I can’t cast a stone her way, though, seeing as I’ve made it my mission to find the best strategies for fornicating safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mtu mwenye ana ingilia huyu mschana mwenye alikufa ni akili punguani

We drink and drive and sometimes we make it home safe. If we die no one should blame us. Blackmail can be lucrative. It can also be lethal. If we die trying it, no one should blame us. Ni wajibu wetu kutumia hekima. But avoid risky behaviour. Madem wafak wazee vile wanataka lakini wasikiuke mipaka.

And by saying Sharon died because of having sex with a governor: that is naive. No. Girls are having sex with governors always and they dont die. Sharon likely died because of trying to bkackmail someone.

BTW, the only caveat to my statement would if she proceeded with her blackmail endeavors despite receiving unequivocal death threats.

Nini? Acting against blackmail is proactive. Mtu ashakulenga risasi it is too late to do anything. By the time someone is calling a mainstream media journalist, it is very late.

They say she was jabbed 8 times with a knife. That shows a very emotional attack. Somebody wanted her to suffer before she dies. There is a reason why so. Poor girl went in way over her head. Looks like her relationship with the governor began to sour after she refused to abort. Seeing her good life coming to an end, she approached the media maybe to blackmail him. Some of these men are ruthless.

Sasa I’ll have to explain what @gashwin meant when he accused you of simplistic thinking.

Most adult Kenyans who pay attention to political life know that the governor, like his ODM mentor, is a man of violence, a ruthless predator with no qualms about removing ‘obstacles’.

Sharon Atieno and her parents also knew who she was sleeping with and taking incredible sums of money from in exchange for her intimacy.

On her FB page, she posted numerous photos, some in which she blatantly displayed the extravagance in which she indulged in as a result of being close to the beast.

Just three weeks ago, according to the journalist who escaped, she called the governor and he immediately sent her 100k. That was peanuts to her, ‘abandonment’ in her words. She also flew regularly between Kisumu and Nairobi, travelled in many ‘official’ trips abroad with the big man, etc.

Only fools are saying that she deserved to die, but when Sharon decided to use her pregnancy to blackmail the governor, she became that moth that flies round and round the hot bulb, drawing ever closer to the heat to an inevitable death.

She was not the first slay queen or clande to get blinded by a big man’s stolen money and disregard the warnings of friends and family; there are many more in our campuses, watching the tragedy but unable to leave their own sucking vortex of thrills and danger.

Therefore, do not accuse others of blaming Sharon for her ‘adultery’. Even her own mother knew that she was playing with fire but could not stop her.

Wow! Could you have been more graphic?

Did she have to die?.Poor soul.RIP

Romans 6:23 , For the wages of sin is death…
Kama wahenga walinena ivo sisi nani tukatae

You are wrong, she was committing all the adultery in the world all along.
Poor husband.