Blame uhuru

In as much as we’d be blaming uhuru on leaders recycling, we Kenyans need to know that in one way or another we are not any different… I’m not being tribal so save me the tribal utterances and lemme use them as examples…

Ruto has been a leader in a different capacity, as an MP, did he deliver? Do we care?? We made him the deputy president… He had scandals before for example the maize scandal and we let it slip… Lands scandal, post election violence etc but we let it slip.

Raila… The father of democracy as people call him, tribal bigots who throw stones and cry foul after losing,
Has been the prime minister, MP, opposition leader, handshake,
Scandals, loss of youth fund, maize scandal, moll lasses plant, we let it slip we want him to be the president.

Uhuru, son of jomo kamwana, king of kings, Mt Kenya demi god, founder fathers, corruption, computer error when he was minister for finance several billions lost, deputy prime Minister, minister for gatundu, opposition leader, corruption leading the country like his father’s backyard… He’s the president… People standing yelling us he’s too young to leave office…

Kalonzo, mudavadi, wetangula, waiguru, all scandalous and we Kenyans want these people to continue occupying the big offices, uhuru is just another Kenyan doing what Kenyans do.

Mimi nataka tu nchi ianguke na watu wasote kabisa. Those of us who were wise enough to save our monies in dollar accounts tutaishi kama wasungu

If it does fall then it’s highly likely your precious dollars will remain as they are, seeing as how the poor folk will burn the rest to a pile of soot

i will be exchanging 1USD to 200KES

You cannot exchange anything with a rusted axe wedged in your skull


Kenya is only what? 56 years as a Republic?
USA was 56 in 1832.
China became a Republic in 1912. In 1968 they were 56.

Both nations went through periods of high corruption and still didn’t implode
Kenya pia will emerge from this.

ruto 2022


This shouldn’t mean that the time to act is after 56 years. i believe we have seen so much that the time for change is now. Kenya should be redeemed with an IRON fist.

Oh yea I’m not trying to excuse corruption or anything.
I meant to say that we shouldn’t lose hope on Kenya and start sneaking into Europe using those rubber boats like West Africans do


What about South Korea and Singapore?, South Korea was completely destroyed by the Korean war,they were colonized by Japanese, had coups and corrupt dictators, the Han river looked worse than Kibera, people were starving and dying and extremely poor, they were even worse off than Kenya, some white people sent to report the case of South Korea told the UN that there is no hope for South Korea and they will not develop even after 100 years and another guy said that you cannot make a rose flower out of garbage referring to S.Korea, today they are the most technologically advanced country, their economy is doing so well that they already repaid all their loans and have a budget surplus in only one generation, meaning baby boomers, and current grandparents saw South Korea develop from a dirt poor nation to an advanced economy, What excuse does Kenya have?

Wasungu huishi aje?

Remember they also co-hosted the 2002 World Cup.

You need to look at the context of South Korea before using it as an example. South Korea benefitted from US Aid that was motivated by the threat of the spread of communism. In fact at one point, North Korea was a better place to live in than South Korea until Kim Il Sung decided that he wanted to become a living god.

The second cause for the rise of South Korea was a patriotic leadership that genuinely wanted to turn it into its former rival Japan. The leadership was smart enough to allow for the growth of the private sector as opposed to Kenya whose leaders are actively trying to make the private sector their sole property.

Also Korea as a people and a nation has been in existence since the dawn of time. Kenya is an artificial British construct that has completely failed to create a national identity. The unity of Korea is something that has allowed the South to prosper without ethnic divisions.


Africans can not rule themselves… Discuss

How many countries receive aid from the US, Kenya also received Aid because of being an ally of the US during the cold war, add that to being a gateway to be East and Africa, South Korea borrowed many for their marshall plan and they were able to repay all their debts. Money did not drop from the sky for their development.
a nation-state does not mean anything, how many nation-states do we have that are poor? Majority of countries in the world are not a nation-states
The fact if South Korea was poorer than Kenya in the 1940s and was one of the poorest countries in the world, the Korean war flattened their economy. The private sector of South Korea/Chaebols grew as a result of government connection but they were innovative enough to adopt, Early South Korean dictators were corrupt.

I chose to be positive, kuna long game inachezwa kenya, gava inajaribu kuformilize kenya, ukweli tu juakali sana hata wasee wa saro wako na side hustle za juakali, na letting go ni difficult wasee wa mtumba, magari na sasa macomp wanalia kweli, corruption pia kidogo ime pungua na hata ukiiba pesa uende sijui kununua nyumba utashikwa, so watu wana doo wamezishikilia tu, things will get much worse before they get better.

Quite a number. What they do with the aid they receive is up to their leaders. Some like Zaire received millions that went into Mobutu’s personal account as the rest of the nation rotted away into poverty and rebellion.

And most of it went into private pockets. That’s how the Moi family is ultra wealthy.

It practically did in the case of South Korea. Clearly you’ve never heard nor read of the repercussions of the Korean War. The US was never going to risk another communist invasion taking place.

It does. The vast majority of powerful nations on history have had the factor of a common ethnicity to advance their power. If you haven’t noticed, Kenya owes a gigantic debt to one of the longest lived nations in human history- China.

Yes it was. Guess what helped them up? US Aid and a dictator that was prepared to put his nation into the first world.

Park Chung Hee - Wikipedia

Not entirely true. They were handed subsidies and other rewards for success by the Korean Govt under Pres. Park Chung Hee.

Can you name any other or are you making up your own facts?

South Korea succeeded because it had leaders that were fanatically determined to make it succeed and not interested in their personal wealth at the cost of development.

Fun fact: the daughter of the South Korean dictator I mentioned became the first female president of Korea. However she was thrown out by South Koreans in 2017 when she allowed one of her cronies to interfere with national matters and con the chaebols.

In Kenya, the son of the first dictator of the country who was elected in 2017 has ensured that Kenya will remain a perpetual poverty ridden mess in order to monopolize the private sector for his own family. The South Korea-Kenya comparison is tragic.

Both ruled by vicious dictators who had vastly different visions for their nations.

While Kenyatta was making his tribesmen swear that the presidency would never cross the River Chanua, Park Chung-Hee was making an economic miracle on the Han River to put his nation on the map
Miracle on the Han River - Wikipedia

both their kids were corrupt but South Koreans had the good sense and wisdom to kick Hee’s silly daughter out of office.

in Kenya, Kenyatta’s tribe with the assistance of the Kalenjins who Moi formed to consolidate his power ensured that Kenya would remain debt ridden, corrupt and poor and even went ahead to tell the world that this was a birthday reward for Uhuru. [ATTACH=full]265527[/ATTACH]

The difference between South Korea and Kenya is like night and day. They might as well be living on another planet.

China is not a nation state there are different ethnicities of Chinese, some are even muslim,you cannot quote Wikipedia as a valid source of reference,a valid source is an academic article and documentaries,I have also read Wikipedia and know what is in there.Park Chung Hee was corrupt same as other Prime Ministers in the 1st and 2nd republic most of who carried out coups to gain power.Most Chaebols in came into power through patronage from Park Chung Hee, the monopoly makes it hard for smaller businesses,good thing is that the S.Korean economy has diversified. Things changed after S.Korea begun becoming a democratic state.The Samsung scandal shows how Chaebols and politics are heavily connected.

The US aided ,South Korean war but South Korea developed it’s own economy,from education,to steel making,South Korea did not receive aid but got a loan to reconstruct their economy,by the early 2000’s they paid off the loan, as I mentioned the Western UN rapporteurs said that South Korea will never develop even in 100 years and had written it off