Blame The Secret Service

Drumpf is still butt-hurting after a disastrous visit to Europe.

Lashing out at Emmanuel Macron on the one hand, he is now also blaming his own security for his failure to visit American graves.

[SIZE=7][B]President Trump blames Secret Service for canceling cemetery trip in France[/B][/SIZE]

How did all the other leaders get there?

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Do not tempt me.

According to head-kanju @Wamafeelings I’m on some kind of propaganda payroll… :smiley:

What do you think about Drumpf’s claim that the SS made him miss that date? Remember, he is their boss.

There is a tweet in there from trump, why would the writer choose to ignore/twist it to fit his angle of reporting. Trump is a marked man, and a myriad of people are willing to assassinate him. If I were Trump and the SS warn against something, I would definitely listen to them!

All the EU leaders are also targets. More importantly, why did his spokespeople first blame the weather?

[SIZE=7][B]Trump lashes out after Paris: Secret Service kept me from cemetery[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]I must compliment you. Among the pro-Drumpf army, you’re the only one not resorting to personal attacks or reaching back into history for ghosts of Obama and Clinton. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Unfortunately though, you’re on strange territory in terms of the subject matter. You’d have to Google David Duke and Marine Le Pen. [/SIZE]

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Do we have prefects now? By far, Drumpf posts are usually the most cogent pieces on this board. What is itching you?

Here’s your hero:

Kassin, Do we have another jukwaa board in the making? What is wrong with this clique of “fans”?

Is this about Drump or about celebral sweeps?

That de Gaulle quote is way above @The.Black.Templar’s head.

Looks like there’s a ‘silent majority’ that would like us to concentrate on the fascinating adventures of a Mololine trip from Bumula to River Rd.

Interestingly, during the 2017 political debates, they also insulted those that discussed Jubilee/CORD manenos, telling us that there was a bigger world out there.

Fack’em. Iebc is meeting today to 'splain why they haven’t budgeted for diaspora voting, again.

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Trump has given stats…are they wrong???


Why is a whole POTUS ‘giving stats’ on Twitter, whether they’re right or wrong?

[SIZE=6][B]He came, he sulked, he tweeted: preening Trump on parade in France[/B][/SIZE]

he is giving facts to correct the fake media news, they absolutely hate it when he hits them with facts! and Trump thrives on that

I’m glad you’re not in the USA. What fake media news prompted him to examine Macron’s alleged low popularity?