@blacksforTrump chop that dick

You said if France won you will chop your Dick. Tunangojea #ChopThatDick

Why do you remember such things?


because people need to be called out on their shit!

@Blacks4Trump we’re waiting!


@Deorro just change his handle to pink.

@Blacks4Trump leta makende huku.


Fagget thread…

Well, l told him it was risky and he said he will go through with it.

cut the guy some slack he is already short of inches

@blueline Mkarara vipi bro?

Wazee wahame ii kijiji, shenji


Ahhh @Eng’iti niuguteba mogaka…nyasore inakupereka vipi kakabraza?

Never promise something you cannot deliver. Even when with friends. You have learned your lesson mdomo baggy

Poa sana brathe…, sunday inakupeleka aje?