Blacks sold Blacks : Letter of Afonso I king of Kongo to the king of Portugal

[INDENT]Each day the traders are kidnapping our people – children of this country, sons of our nobles and vassals, even people of our own family. This corruption and depravity are so widespread that our land is entirely depopulated. We need in this kingdom only priests and schoolteachers, and no merchandise, unless it is wine and flour for Mass. It is our wish that this Kingdom not be a place for the trade or transport of slaves. [COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]Many of our subjects eagerly lust after Portuguese merchandise that your subjects have brought into our domains. To satisfy this inordinate appetite, they seize many of our black free subjects. … They sell them. After having taken these prisoners [to the coast] secretly or at night. … As soon as the captives are in the hands of white men they are branded with a red-hot iron.[/INDENT]

Nvchieth ,even Africans governments have sold us today to Chinese dogs and European motherfuckers through toxic loans

Read the story of john Kabes. In scholarly journals he is lauded as an early african entrepreneur.