Blacks Lives Matter should be disbanded

A quick check on BLM website to find out their main focus is to fight for transgender…homosexuals and feminist agenda?..All their work is to take advantage of incidences of black people being shot by police eventually receiving millions of donations …but behind the scenes they rarely do anything that uplifts black people…[ATTACH=full]322572[/ATTACH]

Stick to ODM Chupilee politics. This is way above your political grade level… :confused:

There is no organisation called BLM… Its just people doing their own thing. There is no BLM leader, it is not an organisation. That website is setup by anybody with their own views. Stop the low iqism.

I think the hate I see from Africans towards BLM, at least on this forum, is quite telling. Black people never seem to want to lift each other up.

hehe… africans are the biggest haters of african americans.Thats why i dont understand why african americans fight for immigration of africans into U.S. They should be the biggest anti immigration supporters.

Black Lives Matter is an idea. It is a Twitter hashtag. It is a rallying call. It is a grassroot mobilization in times of need.
It has no central structure or hierarchy, other than the 3 founders who don’t do any form of management.

So, what will you be disbanding?

What you are suggesting is like saying MAGA should be disbanded.

Ignorance’s a deadly disease. Dude has no clue even after reading what he quoted.

BLM is not an organization neither is it a movement. It is an idea that cant be stopped no matter the resistance (That’s why like-minded people from all races who cant stand oppression are also in).
We know wickedness shall prevail but only for a little while…~Joseph Hill

There are some things that Kenyans and Africans in general simply won’t embrace any time soon.

One of them is g** rights. Obama tried to preach the g** rights sermon when he visited Kenya as POTUS back in 2015 to zero effect.

The kind of stuff promoted by the BLM founders simply won’t find many takers in Africa.

Most Africans are naturally conservative and the liberal world view is on the whole completely alien to them.

You’ve repeated this claim on several threads. It’s a wrong assumption from not understanding the situation.

First you should know that African immigrants are a non factor in the US. Then you should know the voting patterns of different racial groups and then find out about core party platforms.

Democrats fight for the disadvantage and their votes. Republicans fight for the comfortable and their votes.
Big Tent Party vs Minority Rule Party.
That’s why one party discourages and works to make voting harder while the other encourages voting and works to ease barriers.

African-Americans leadership “support” immigrants because they are more likely to vote Democratic than not. If Democrats are in power then their political agenda will be enacted. That’s the calculation.
In their private lives they don’t care for immigrants. But since both groups are economically disadvantaged they find themselves living together.

I already answered you in the last post… And african migrants are the biggest republican and trump supporters in U.S… Hell even African living in Africa love and support Trump and Republicans.

Like I just told you. African Immigrants are not even a quarter of a percentage and don’t contribute any money to the parties. Kelele Kenyatalk doesn’t count. They are irrelevant. The immigrants in question are from Central America

Name a prominent African politician in America who is not Ilhan Omar.

It should be declared a terrorist organization for the purposes of defunding and crippling their rabidly violent operations. Lest we forget, the 3 lesbian/queer founders of BLM (who are also avowed witches) said that at its core, BLM is a spiritual organization.

Nigerians in the U.S are the biggest republican and Trump supporters… Go in any sentings and hear them cheer on Trump and republicans, they even cheered when Trump put a travel ban on Nigeria (Ni*ger Area).

Also what does naming an african politician have to do with anything? Why would they want to run? They are happy with how republicans are doing stuff, and they arent very many like 1st gen migrants arent very stabilized to become involved in politics, but in time they will. Just this week Canada elected its first Nigerian born Justice Minister.

Sounds like you’re committed to your anti evidence and anti numbers theory. You and all Africans within and without are irrelevant to both Democrats and Republicans.

i don’t care of what is happening in america.most of those african americans were from west africa and iam a kenyan. so i better mind my own business. pablo picasso once said -“the world doesn’t need your opinions,so keep them if they cannot be translated into an action”

Did i say anything about relevancy?`And you call me anti ecidence while you are denying the clear evidence yourself… Africans who live in U.S look down on African Americans, even Africans in the continent like many here on kenya talk. While they are fighting for immigration of africans into america… Yeah deny reality. Mbaku Out.

Habari purple

Unfortunately America likes to poke their nose into our business, for example Obama loved to preach LGBTQ crap at us. If the same thing was happening in Europe no one would care.