Blacks as Lab Animals

While some(USA/UK/France) are paid to participate in ethical medical experiments, in Africa they are charged for unethical experiments and some end up taking placebos! Your doctors are mere “Black Mengeles”. And some of your lawyers dwarf Joseph Goebbels in spinning yarn.
Anyway, the racial inequality stretches beyond the workplace! What do Blacks think the big pharmaceuticals( e.g. Welcome Trust) sponsor the hospitals/research institutions for? 1. To buy their drugs 2. To offer “lab animals”. Stop accepting freebies if you want to be dignified!!!

The type of experiments that have been conducted and will continue being conducted on Africans, and African Americans, are probably in the hundreds or thousands. In Africa, you have an illiterate, poor population led by a small group of elite who are easy to bribe and where justice is for sale. Hata hiyo experiment ya vaccine itajaribiwa tu hapa Jameson Wanjohi akipewa some sterling pounds to look the other way. What’s worse, hakuna kitu mnaeza fanya.

The threads I have seen are interesting commentaries coming from people who have never participated in the discovery of a single drug, what more bring one to the market.


Drug discovery occurs in phases lasting on average 10 to 15 years and costing a whopping 1 to 1.5 billion dollars.
Target discovery/identification, validation, compound screening, medicinal chemistry, and cheminformatics for small molecules or protein design and expression for large molecules result in candidate molecules.
The candidate drugs then go into preclinical testing, where pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic information is collected, and if promising the sponsor then submits an investigational new drug IND document, which is reviewed and approved by FDA in the US, MHRA in the UK, EMA in Europe, etc.
At that point, the compound proceeds to the clinical trials, which comprises the major phases viz: phase1 where the product is tested for safety, usually in a small number of healthy individuals to more than 30 to 100. In phase 2, the drug is tested in a small number of people with the disorder to assess efficacy.
This again is done in a small number of patients no more than 300 to 500. If the drug passes the test for efficacy it then goes into phase 3 randomized multicenter trial in several countries.
This trial is designed to look for efficacy and safety and involves thousand of patients of different races and ethnicities to collect data on whether the drug could be used universally.


Obviously it wouldn’t make sense to administer a drug to a group of people who wouldn’t derive any benefit from it.
After phase 3, the sponsor prepares a new drug application generally referenced as NDA, which is submitted to the approving entities.
If it is approved, the drug is thereafter marketed.
A critical point missed whether intentionally or ignorance by the advocates who think that testing the COVID-19 vaccine in healthy people in Africa is a great idea, is the fact that phase 3 testing is performed on sick individuals alone, never on healthy people.
As one of the writers in the thread pointed out, participation in a clinical trial is a voluntary process.
So there are only 320 confirmed cases in Kenya as of today and 143,000 in the UK.
How many of the 320 patients in Kenya do they think will voluntarily participate in the study?
Assuming all 320 are recruited, is that enough sample to draw a conclusion about a population effect?


This is akin to conducting a clinical trial for a malaria drug in Europe or the US.
How many patients would be available for that trial? The fact still remains that COVID-19 trials should take place in those countries that are currently being ravished by this virus.
After all, it has been publicized that black people are more susceptible to the virus and are dying in greater numbers than infected Caucasians.
How and where was that observation made? Obviously not in Kenya.
One could surmise from this observation that clearly, there is a large population of black people who are infected and are dying of COVID-19 in Europe.
Why not test the vaccine on that sick population rather than in healthy Kenyans, or at most 320 infected in people in Kenya? Any drug trial for a major disease such as COVID-19 conducted in such a small sample size can’t yield meaningful data that could be extrapolated to the population.

What a lovely input! It is by coincidence that you chose the name “Mangele”. Anyway, the “Mengele” I am referring to was the chief scientist for Adolf Hitler. His name is Dr Josef Mengele of the Auschwitz camp. He championed the sad experiments on Jews, just in as much as there are black doctors who do unethical experiments at the behest of their wallet and for the drug companies like Welcome trust. I call them “Black Mengeles”!