I’m afraid of eating, mnaonaje?



I’d rather vomit on @MikeOck

bomper like megan stallion
pùssy like grand canyon
smell like onion

Not for the fainted

Luwere depot

I have seen a top there indicating ‘limited edition’…
The wearer however resembles the 'discontinued edition’…

dont even try it,

Number 3

Number 3 nimekula on 15th June. Tamu kama sunguch.

Mbona una-chafua mecho?

What do you mean No. 3 nimekula? Isn’t this one and the same person? Tumbili, hata hujawahi kumuona.

Macho yako unatumia kama ornaments ama? Those are 4 different people

nunber 1;;Former stripper Liddos…Now based along Mirema Drive…HIV positive’

number 2. still selling her body at Sabina Joy but alionja fame kidogo pale ratchet show ya Eric Omondi

number 3.: Malaya ya Thome… Has been selling her body for more than 15 years… I see simps salivating over her tired goodies on IG like nonsense,’

number 4., Simjui na sitaki kujua coz she is ugly

Number 1 has a porn site. Mediocre stuff right there

Following closely


Bridget ochieng types… pass pass pass

I’ve eaten the 1st and 3rd one, not bad, I emptied my balls well.


She was the one in a rap video with that fat guy whose name I can’t remember