Black women need to make better choices

What kind of people are these that you are giving everlasting life to by having their children? If all you want is kids and you don’t care what kind of a person their father is then go to the sperm bank get a white man child. This is insane.

People make mistakes but as a woman having a baby with the wrong person is not a mistake you want to make. It’s irreversible. You can be in a bad marriage or relationship for 20 years and one day you can wake up and decide it was a mistake and leave it all behind. Never see that person again until you die. You can’t leave children behind when you are the woman. It’s a decision that you may have to suffer through out life regretting even if you meet someone good and have other kids with them, you will have a permanent reminder of your mistakes in the past. Do not give undeserving men everlasting life through your uterus. If it’s a child you want so bad do what many Kenyan women are doing. Get a white man’s kid. There’s institutions that can help. There’s a way. Or adopt. The process is very easy. Don’t feel like you have no choice so you just lie down with any bum or any gorilla. Your life should not be spent toiling and raising a child whose father is garbage. You deserve better and so do your kids. You always have a choice. ALWAYS!!! If you are going to be a single mother choose the best option available don’t just get pg for any Tom, dick and Henry.

And btw some men will never leave your life as long as you have his kid, they will even use the child to get back at you. They will try to ruin your future relationships. I’ve seen it happen to my friends who are divorced. They are a nuisance in the mother’s life they give you hell for making them pay child support, they turn your children against you. Basically they will never leave you alone. So the fastest way to trap yourself with a bad man for life is to have his child. Your fate will be sealed. Even if he dumps you the child is there to remind you of him. It’s unfair to you and to the child who didn’t deserve a bad father but thanks to your poor decision making your child will also suffer unnecessary rejection and pain.

:(“Get a White Man’s Kid …”

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that statement.
This worship of things “white” is something you have to disabuse yourself from…

The popular fanciful notion doing the rounds that white men are somehow better father’s , partners , parents , spouses just does not support the evidence.

I have lived for sometime in Europe and briefly in North America …
There you will find some of the most dysfunctional families , individuals and relationships on earth …

Ukweli Wa Mambo … :mad::frowning:

Why are you in Europe and not Kenya? Incase you are not aware 72% of black families are single mother families. Black men will never be motivated to be responsible knowing that some woman will have children for him even if he’s totally useless.

Black women need to stop enabling these monkeys. If all the black women have white men’s kids, in less than a generation black men will be forced to change or become extinct. Very simple.

She’s been brainwashed by Disney movies and Netflix Rom-Coms. She’s beyond saving. Lol ,probably counts Meghan Markle as a black woman because she was able to get Prince Harry.(Prince Harry married a bi-racial woman not black).I know her kind ,so it’s best to ignore her. One thing I do have to point out though is that as a race ,we need to stop looking at African Americans as the only way to be black. No disrespect to them but baby mama culture is more normalized in their community. As an African-Black man ,having baby mama’s is honestly a disgrace. A lot of communities here are family oriented but the more we become westernized(or African-Americanized) ,the more we start experiencing their issues.

You are the one who is brainwashed. If you are half black in the Western world you are considered black, so yes Meaghan Merkel is black. Black men from Africa, Haiti, Jamaica and black America have ruined their countries then they escape to white people run countries for loans and jobs. Even Arab and Asian countries. The black man is the problem. He is myopic. He is a slave in his thinking. He’s at the bottom of the totem pole. Why should black women be forced to sire children with losers? In the animal kingdom females mate with the best males, the ones at the top of the totem pole. And make no mistake the white man is at the very top of the totem pole. Yall need to learn some evolutionary biology. We need offsprings of the best not the worst like every other female in the animal kingdom. Black men in Africa have started this baby daddy baby mama business so don’t tell us how you are different from black Americans yall are cut from the same cloth.

FYI I did not watch Walt Disney as a child, I watched scooby doo, Casper the friendly ghost, sheera, Spiderman and road runner, cow and chicken, Ed, edd and Eddy, dexter, read comics like Sabrina, Richie rich, tintin, obelix and Asterix, Bible comics, Greek mythology, along with tragedians Euripedes and Sophocles, big Ben and bogi Benda and Juha kalulu. I read ALOT books by Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Famous Five and the like. When I was a teenager I graduated to Jackie Collins, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, Jane Austen and Fyodor Dostoevsky, Vladimir Nabokov of the Lolita fame, Daniel dofor, Hemingway, TrumanCapote, William Faulkner, Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson, Harper Lee, Edgar Allan Poe, Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, John Updike, Ayn Rand the lady who wrote Atlas shrugged, Malcolm Gladwell, John Updike though he’s a bit sexist. Then to the philosophers CS Lewis, Ralph Waldo Emerson, David Thoreau, Ayn Rand the lady who wrote Atlas Shrugged . Now the only fiction I read is the Pulitzer prize winners, James Patterson, American short stories and Kwani, Mejja Mwangi, Muthoni Likimani, Prof. Ogot, Chimamanda and other female black writers Toni Morrison. I prefer political commentary books like gardens of democracy, books by Shapiro, Noam Chomsky, Bruce Bawer . I also love memoirs. Kwanza drug memoirs.

I also don’t watch anything that isn’t a thriller, true crime, documentary or biography or classics like a tale of 2 cities, OK I watch movies but not romcoms and the genre called chick flicks. I prefer fantasy like big fish, movies inspired by books, the curious case of Benjamin Burton and the Great Gatsby inspired by Scott Fitzgerald , series like Godfather of Harlem which is based on true events as is Fargo. Of course as a child I READ not watched hekaya za abunuwasi, Jack and the beanstalk, little red riding hood, aesops fables, Ali baba and the 40 thieves, Hansel and gratel and I dabbled in sweet valley high and mills and boons but I outgrew them. They were too basic for my mind. They were not romancing my brain.

You what do read and what do you watch. So that we know who is brainwashing you. As you can tell from my watch and read list I am prolly one of the most brainwashed people on this forum.

Your 11 million Male Black American Negroes are a small fraction of the entire black African male population ( Nigeria alone has a population of approximately 120 million …for example…).
And they ain’t all bad men …
One was even the President there recently …

Further , they are victims of a 400 year Slave Culture ( and all of its side effects ) that disenfranchised them and attempted to wipe out their human attributes …
The white man only needed a brainless working machine …

So …
Let’s compare Apples to Apples …

Not bragging here , but I come from a lineage of very smart Kenyans …
My Grand Father’s were Lower Court Judges and prominent Large Scale Farmer / Entrepreneurs… One of my Grand Mother’s was a prominent Educator and Social Activist …
Both my parents were Medics … , one a GP and the other a well known Specialist Surgeon …

At various points in my life , I was in class and in employment with your so-called “…white’s at the top of the totem pole…” and I can tell you for free that I was better and far more enterprising than the vast majority of them…
And I still am …



So , in a nutshell …
You need to reorient yourself with the reality around you and guard your mind against invasive white racist propaganda … :D:D

Stop trying to reason with her.She’s too far gone bana.She literally mentioned she reads books by Ben Shapiro.If she were American ,she’d probably be one of those black women married to a white supremacist.It’s just self hate honestly.She’d probably be into some weird shit like slave-play and let her “Mzungu prince” call her a negroe during sex. Hauwezi saidia huyu.

Bro …
In my business , we only stop when a heart stops functioning for a period of time …

There is still hope for her yet … :D:D

Achana na huyu ,let her look for her "Mzungu Sponso…"I mean “Prince”

There’s nothing wrong with bragging. There’s nothing I need to reorient myself with. My paternal grandfather was a doctor and my niece who got a full scholarship to study medicine and female cousin are doctors. One is actually a fellow in hematology she has been treating the who is who in this country . Both sides of my family are filled with brilliant people, some have attended the most prestigious Ivy league varsities abroad. Both my grandmothers were political and church leaders. My mother went to the UON when getting in was for the creme de LA creme. My father attended Makerere with akina Kibaki. So the argument isn’t whether black people can be brilliant, it is about we black people as a race, as a collective. But my dear enterprising dear doctor wasn’t it black men selling slaves selling slaves to Arabs and mzungu?

Let’s not blame mzungu for calamities of our own making. Even imperialists were able to colonise Africa bcz of the cooperation of chiefs, they were very few and could not manage us without the complicity of our fellow blacks.

I don’t buy into these victim narratives bcz we were and still are complicit in our own degradation and enslavement as black folk. The white man can’t do anything to us that we have not given him the power to do.

Its very ironic to chase away the white man from Africa then you spoil your country and go back to him crawling for loans, education, Healthcare and a livelihood. Whites have been making their countries great as are Chinese and a good number of countries. What is wrong with Africa and Africans? As a people we cannot be self reliant. We can not build our continent and countries. Ours is to destroy and plunder. The same way our forefathers sold us to slavery and imperialists, we are being sold. Our future, our posterity is being sold. Why won’t the white man do the same to China? Why blacks and not any other race? It’s about time the black man takes responsibility for ruining their continent, their countries, their families and basically every thing. I can not be proud to be associated with a race which everywhere they are be it in America or the islands like Jamaica and Haiti or in the motherland its a shit hole. Black men turn it into a shit hole. Hand the same place to white men and in no time order will be restored. Anarchy and confusion, systems that do not work will be restored.

Don’t take my criticism on a personal level it’s the collective black male psyche I am speaking to. You can achieve everything as an individual but if you have to go to another race to get quality education, Healthcare, jobs, security, what does that make you? Inferior. You are talking of Obama becoming POTUS well Obamas father abandoned him. Obama Snr was extremely brilliant but he was a terrible father. If Obama wasn’t raised by his white grandparents he’d have probably become a junkie and wasted his good brains that his dad left him. We can not continue making all kinds of excuses for our race. Our race is just pathetic and the first step to recovery is accepting that fact. We have ALOT to learn from this white people about self reliance and self determination, we are our own worst enemy, let’s stop blaming white people for 400 years of slavery yet it’s us who were busy supplying them with slaves. Accountability is very key to emancipation.

I’m not looking for anything bantu supremacy, you as black men should be ashamed of yourselves for ruining our race,our continent, our countries, our families and basically everything. You can call yourself black supremacy all day long but if you get some diseases you can’t even be treated in Africa no hospital in an entire continent you must travel to the land of mzungu or India for something as basic as health care. Imagine? Is this something to be proud of? My friend wake up from your deep sleep, there’s nothing supreme about always going to the white man for everything. Do you think that Chinese think that you are supreme? You will always be treated like crap by other races including wahindi and Chinese bcz you have made your race mediocre. Nobody respects victims. You will remain inferior until the day you can command respect from other races. And it’s on you black men. Continue calling yourself a king Sijui Supreme. But you are a Kang of what? Mediocrity? Yall need to style up, go study the white man and learn a thing or 20 from him. We are tired as women of belonging to a joke of a race. Respect and loyalty is earned. The white man has earned it. Right now people are applying for green card like their lives depend on it. Why? If you are so Supreme why are our people running away from Africa where the weather is very good to go to cold, hostile, racists environment? Yeah bcz beggars can’t be choosers and that’s what our black men have made us. BEGGARS. Begging for loans. For jobs. For citizenship and then you can open your big mouth to call yourself Supreme. Which supremacy when at the bottom, dying at sea in the thousands chasing the European or American dream. There’s nothing Supreme about that. And I will never mince my words there’s nothing to be proud of when men from other races are making their place good and you as a race are busy spoiling your own place. I’m not proud of our race. I’m sorry to say but I am not proud but there’s nothing to be proud of. What is wrong with us surely? A good person or friend is the one who tells you the ugly truth not the one who massages your black male ego with victim narratives and false messages of apathy ati black supremacy, if you are so Supreme make Africa and Kenya Supreme, yall need to style up OK?

Your history and argument is selectively skewed towards your pet belief…

  • white’s are superior to blacks , and therefore better at everything.

So , a few basic historical facts …

  1. As recently as 1500 years ago , Egyptians were building Pyramids , advanced in farming , medicine and governance.
    2.Mayans were into Astronomy , Engineering and spreading their influence as far as the Yucatan Peninsula ( Mexico ).
    3.Mesopotamians ( Iraq ) were advanced in mathematics , hydrology , medicine and farming.
    4.The early Chinese dynasties , equally the same.
    And all this time , we were collectively minding our own business , expanding thru migration and assimilation …

Meanwhile , your very smart , continental European white’s were skin wearing hunter gatherers living in Caves and moving rocks at Stonehenge … :D:D

Then the white savage devils acquired Fire , moved into the Iron Age , so-called “Industrial Revolution” ( actually stolen technology ) and by 1700 the devil in them really came out …

Conquests by force and stealth ( in America and Africa they came as “missionaries” with backward dogma and strange diseases and ended up disrupting our holistic , stable lifestyles with their own based on theft of land , resources and finally , our people.

Here , not even going into the 2 needless World Wars , systematic world-wide Genocide , dropping nukes on the Japanese , mass pollution of once natural , pristine environments and staring all manner of proxy wars in every continent.

Not content , they brainwashed and negative engineered exploitive governance structures that serve their interests up to this day …
The IMF is a good example …
Then they installed puppets to serve their interests and maintain the status quo …

Interestingly , they are also the authors of a new “Industry” - People Trafficking.

Is it fair to conclude then that , collectively , the white race are the most evil and backward among all humans …???

They say , History is always written by the Victorious …
And that is the narrative that you seem to believe in …

But as Malcolm X once said , the Chickens are coming home to roost …
Asia ( Vietnam , Cambodia , Laos ) , Middle East ( Iraq , Syria , Yemen , Palestine ) America ( Colombia , Venezuela )and on their own boarder’s , the Balkans.
A massive influx of all manner of refugees will soon overwhelm Europe.

Ponder on those few snippets of information … :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Can we move away from these victims narratives please? We are not victims of the white man. Repeat after me, a black man is his own worst enemy. A black man is not a victim of a white man.

The world is what it is, you can either shape up or ship out. We live in a capitalistic and competitive world where nobody will hand you their privilege because it’s amoral to create inequality, society is hierarchical, someone must be on top and someone at the bottom. If as a people you don’t strategize and implement what will take you to the top regardless of how immoral your strategy maybe, guess what, you will end up at the bottom. And it will be worse for you if you started out at the top like your very lengthy historical injustice narrative up there states.

I have asked you a very simple question, why does the white man not brainwash and negative engineer exploitative governance in China for example? Why is it that practically every race exploits the black race? Now we are being exploited by China. What is this attribute we have as black folk that is so exploiter friendly.

This is not an issue of morals OK? About which race is more evil than the other. It’s a battle for supremacy where the means justify the end. Currently China is working to become the world’s super power to overthrow America’s Supreme position, there going as far as mass production and distribution of Fetanyl among the citizens of America among other underhanded methods. The point is that they do not want to be subservient to the white race. They want to be on top of the totem pole by any means necessary. They understand that the white man will not hand over his privilege without a fight.

Its all very well and dandy to listen to Minister Louis Farakhan whom I respect very much and Malcolm X, about how the white man is the devil but the white man has always done whatever he needs to do to get to, be and stay on top. The same can not be said of the black man. The black man is exploited by race after race because he has refused to think, to plan, to strategise and implement whatever will get him to the top. He has the where withal but he just won’t. He instead constantly chooses apathy and instant gratification like a child.

Lobengula for example sold Rhodes Island I believe currently Zimbabwe for a bottle of gin. Do you know that history or you’ve only heard of Mansa Musa? Meanwhile the white man left his country and continent to explore and discover new lands. They went back and recruited farmers, brought them over to exploit our land and remit some of the money back to building their own country. Now how do you expect Lobengula to be at par with say King Leopold if this is how myopic the black man is? Imagine selling an entire country for a bottle of gin? And basically the story of Africa has not changed, we have Lobengulas selling entire countries into slavery for a pittance.

The number of white imperialists was too few to colonise any country with out the cooperation of the locals this is why countries were able to get self rule from Europeans in spite of not having sophisticated weaponry. They had the numbers. Slave traders were black men, some went as far as selling their own family members. No mzungu or Arab went into the land to kidnap slaves. They were brought to places like Gore Island by black men and SOLD no white man stole any black man or woman or child, they were all paid for. So can we please atleast accept the part we played as black people in the subjugation of our race?

I have tried to analyze your ramblings above so now , kindly allow me to de-construct some of your beliefs …
I am an amateur Historian , so I will borrow heavily from that knowledge …
And I will be very brief …

I would like you to think CAUSE instead of EFFECTS in each case …

What triggered white race migrations from Europe to the America’s , Africa and Asia …??

Let’s start with the USA.
1600-1700 : this is when the crap began - Serious wars , religious and political persecution , disease epidemics ( plague ).
The suffering citizens decided ANYWHERE is better than Europe.
In 1620 Pilgrim Fathers arrived on ships in Plymouth, Massachusetts .Of the 102 colonists, 35 were members of the English Separatist Church (a radical faction of Puritanism) who had earlier fled to Leiden, the Netherlands, to escape persecution at home.

The Indigenous First Nation American’s ( never call them Red Indian’s - they are neither red nor Indians …) welcomed them and left them in peace .

Little did they know the true intentions.

No Visas , No permission , No Green Cards, no money or wealth of any kind.
Just a desperate suffering mass.

Does this sound familiar to you …??
What is happening at the Mexican /Texas border…??
Whole families just escaping political turmoil , poverty , disease and persecution.
Meanwhile , Trump and your white friends calling them criminals , drug traffickers and rapists.

I pause here for now and let you imbibe those facts.


Mexico is a really bad example. The same way you can not give Afghans asylum without some radical elements infiltrating your country is the same way America can not give Mexicans a carte blanche entry into the US regardless of the situation in their own country which is really a predicament of their own making.

You can not put the interests of refugees above those of your citizens. Even with the restrictions in immigration Mexicans have still managed to have elaborate distribution chains for all kinds of drugs across America.

Some drug peddling/human trafficking criminal gangs like MS 13 have hundreds of thousands of members living inside the US. Ms 13 is Elsalvadorian. Sinaloa is the Mexican gang or cartel, it was headed by Feliz Guzman aka El chapo, his son’s still run it after his incarceration in the US. The US has a huge drug and violence problem with their black American citizens, can they really afford to aggravate the drug situation in the country by allowing Mexicans easy access and entry into their country.

Mexicans already work in vineyards and other large farming enterprises and I think that is enough help. Let them fix their own country and stop burdening US with their failed state problems. You can not allow people from a country filled with drug cartels into your country on humanitarian grounds, they will simply bring the anarchy in their own country to your doorstep. I don’t agree with Trump on alot but in this area he had the best interests of Americans at heart and I agreed with the position he took.

1.Why does the white man not brainwash and negative engineer exploitative governance in China…??

2.Why is it that practically every race exploits the black race…??

3.Now we are being exploited by China.
What is this attribute we have as black folk that is so exploiter friendly…??

1.Because they can’t …
Because China underwent a violent , bloody political and Class Revolution led by Chairman Mao where all white puppets their power and support structures were wiped out , the masses “re-educated” not to worship Imperialist and sheer force of their numbers - 25% of the Worlds population.

2/3.The strong always oppress the weak …even in China ( Tibet , Mongolia …and soon , Taiwan ).
Our African founding Fathers had a few opportunities to address these issues at Independence.
Those who tried were killed or deposed by your nice white friends .
The majority succumbed to the seduction of graft and ill gotten wealth ( happens every where but we were particularly vulnerable , given our understandably weak and vulnerable governance structures ( …and brainwashing …:D:D ).
How to mitigate against this is both simple and complex …
A New crop of Nationalist Servant Leadership to replace “Hustlers and Dynasties” …:smiley:

There you have it in a nutshell …

I can’t argue with that.

Cool down the pace Truman capote.
Your younger bros and male cousins needs your positive encouragement.

Let those few spoilt and pampered cool kids not spoil our true nature of being responsible MEN.

If you like horse riding karibu ranch, a white/black/ brown horse ( depending on your preference) is waiting to swing you around a well manicured lawn with green trees as you breathe in uncontaminated, tree filtered, slow moving fresh air.

Ukiskia akili imetulia uende your nxt destination bila kuharibu jina.