Black women married to Chinese men Mom of 8 Alena

I know alot has been said about black women who prefer to go outside their race all negative by jeolous black men. I want to show case such black women so that we can understand why a black woman prefers a man who is not part of her race. Are these women self hating and are they really happy for choosing Asian and white men instead of black men @Nameberry1 please follow this series. For all my divested black sisters get to know more about having mixed kids as we all dream of having. Do they have identity crisis? Are they happy children? Let’s find out shall we?

stupid barren ungoliant. kufa tuchome nyama mbwa hii

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Will just leave this video here…

Ewww.; [ATTACH=full]472330[/ATTACH] Marrying a Chinese.

Yeah with a white man you have to give him your ass-hole for pleasure. She says it in the video.

Asshole gani? How many white men have you slept with to know?

It’s common knowledge for those who have lived with whites.The lady above confirms it.

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Orangutan male and Sheboon female has to be the rarest couple combination. I wonder if Blasians average IQs are on par with whites?

this thread didn’t go vile kapotty expected :smiley: