Black women coming out with horror stories about their monkeys /chimpanzees

Weuh. Kuna wanawake very generous eh? Women. Women. Women. Mimi aki ata tuu SGR siezi lipia chimp .

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Costa Rica Na MTU anaishi roysambu hizo Ni story za jaba

Truwoman, you shout too much about what you can’t do or won’t do for a man. You are always ON for war. That’s very unhealthy, extremely bad for your heart, ask @rexxsimba
It’s killing the real you, slowly. So, do something feminine for once, come airbnb nah. Give mi whole body rub and lickin’, it’ll heal you. You send pin, mi send car nah. Hehe.

Bro it’s Sunday, can you at least be holy one day a week?

My entire life is a statement of not doing for men I don’t need to shout, I started out all giving and feminine then I realized that chimpanzees don’t deserve anything from me, not the indentured servitude of women called marriage,society gaslights women about, not the propagation of their genes thru my body , not my sympathy over their struggles. Certainly not sending these monkeys fare. Nada. Zilch. Zero. I’m glad to say, men haven’t benefited from me as much as they routinely do from other women.

That was when I realised true liberty. Better health and peace. These giving women have terrible health, a woman ten years younger than me but she has ulcers, cysts and growths from all the stress slavery to men entails. Nowadays I see that they are taking Prep to avoid HIV from the men they married. What kind of life is that? All bcz you won’t stop giving yourself to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Nyway Aluta continua. Mimi wacha tuu nibaki na Sakayo coz I can’t dump him like I do the rest of you.

I don’t need to strive to be holy one day a week.
I am what I am, a good man or an evil one, maybe both–make your pick. I can’t pretend to God, so I won’t pretend to you either…but, dream on.