Black women chased and bear sprayed by thug Trump supporters

A black women is chased and bear sprayed by neaderthug Trump supporters and calls police Trump supporters who come and leave. This is why African Americans should be pro 2nd ammendment and self defence. Anyway, i still want Trump to win for a better Africa.


wacha kanunge , we should be sending election observers

We have Jeremiah Kioni and other 3 or so Pigs already there.

0:57 :smiley:

Blacks are second class citizens
The US constitution considers the negro as 3/5 ths of a person. Cc @Purple

you can tell the feral pigs are in on it too

Typical redneck hillbilly trailer trash.

Then i dont understand how come they are anti-second ammendment… Every african americans should be pro second ammendment and self defence. I would be.

the whites that stand with blacks are also against guns, politically

That would require them to stop supporting Democrats and Republicans because neither party wants to see black people owning guns.

So? That doesn’t mean that they have to think the same away… Infact its a definition of stupidity considering how they have suffered for 400 years for them to be against the second ammendment and self defence.

They need to use the laws in their favour… Whatever the jungu push on them they have to endure. And them voting for their own political party isn’t a bad idea. They are 40+ million. Even jungus in South Africa have their own party which they vote only for to keep their interest.

i agree they should be armed but they need support from mijungus , if blacks break away from both parties and take up arms they will be on their own , but considering how things are going with all the shootings, dems and libs are becoming pro 2nd amendment so theres that

They will be on their own? Arent they on their own right now? African Americans are forgotten by democrats after the election… Infact them going their own way will give them more voting power because it would mean that the democrats needs to bring in action in order to get votes from african americans.

BLM nyeuthi ilienda kuchokozana sasa inacheza victim card.

ok thats fine …i thought you were talking about an actual armed resistance cos thats a whole other issue

Im talking about them protecting themselves… Whatever it takes.

After what BLM and ANTIFA did all summer long, anyone aligning with them deserves whatever comes their way. They murdered, looted, razed down businesses that took years and generations to build, burnt churches, desecrated monuments, etc. They have set back race relations in America 60 years…

Dont write low IQ nig*er nonsense… They didn’t set race relations back to anything… Trump was elected because he actually said what many jungus believed but were holding inside from the national level until Trump came forward. The thing with Trump is that now everything is open which is what i like. Black liberals cant ignore reality anymore as they have been sleeping in the so called ‘post’ racial society while everyone has been fully awake. Trump is a good encouragement for african americans to look out for each other like jungus and any other do instead of integration which has kept them poor for generations.

Now this is what we call media talking points yapping by a low IQ niqqa…what racist thing against Blacks collectively has Trump said or done…they accuse him of every ‘ist’ label they can come up with just to paint a narrative that doesn’t stick. Now, I’ve got a thriller of a flawed US election to watch, I’ll respond to your shenanigans after its all said and done. Adios