Black women called Nig*er, Slave by Mexican, LGBTQ and Jews Trump supporters

Minority coalition strikes again… A group of Mexican, LGBTQ and jewish Trump supporters calling a black women Uber driver Nig*er, slave etc. The flags are there. How can African Americans win when they are voting for more mexicans to U.S with democrats? The only thing missing in this fuckery is a Nigerian flag.


Pale Florida, Hispanic men have become a swing vote. Democrats thought they had them in the bag. Wapi? Most of them are voting for Trump.

If i was African American i would donate to build that wall. Dont need to worry about immigrants like mexicans, africans etc fleeing their shithole countries and then thinking they are better than me in my country. Build that wall.

what’s the net effect of that ?

Trump will get record breaking votes from blacks and other minorities.

The net effect of stoping immigrants who hate you from coming to your country?


will it stop immigration ?

It will decrease migrants into U.S which means less fuckery for African Americans. Build that wall!!! And also put travel restrictions from third world countries like Trump has been doing.

if not for illegal immigrants(useless south americans) black americans would be having jobs and living better leading to reduced crime. blacks should vote in trump who is keeping out illegals , democrats will allow all criminals from elsavador in

At least those Hispanic men are independent-minded sio kama wanaume nyeuthi wenye wameishi kubebewa akili Dems alafu wanarukwa after elections and don’t dare question it :D:D

Not just illegal immigrants… Africans coming in from their failed states, asians, etc… They are shooting themselves in the foot. I laugh when i see African Americans protesting against Trump for putting travel bans on African countries. While Africans are one of the most anti african american people out there.

lol… You really think any of these people are independent thinker :D:D None of the blacks who vote Trump are independent thinkers, they are just doing the usual only difference in that they vote Republicans… Infact i dont think most jungu republicans respect black republicans at all if you really looked into it. These hispanics are jungus, they are white hispanic. They are jumping on the wave to hate black people that is what this is about and nothing more. There are black republicans also and when they are there shouting ‘nig*ers’ they are talking about all black people. I would have loved the reaction if a black republican was there when that happened. Anyway, Trump 2020.

It counts for something to go against the wave in your community…

lol… They are not doing anything better for their community… Most black republicans infact are exactly the opposite of that. Look at jungu republicans, they love their community, wants its prosperity, want to maintain it etc. The black republicans on the other hand are the opposite of that, they don’t want their communitys prosperity and istead try to force themselves into white republicans community and be submissive and docile in those. Jungu republicans marry other jungus only because they want to preserve their jungu lineage, while all black republicans have jungu wives.

Smart black people would have created their own local parties a long time ago instead of conforming to this two party state which benefits jungus no matter which one they vote for.

Look at this… Black republicans antagonizing their own people… Does this seem like people who are stratigically voting for Trump because of the benefits the black community will get? Hehe… Look at jungus far behind watching, do you think they will have any more respect of those black republicans looking how they are threating their own people? Infact will also embolden to antagonize black people too. Oh well. Trump 2020, because for me is stratigecally because Trump leaves Africa alone. I want that because as an african i want Africans to live in peace without foreign intervention.


at such times i laugh at the black africans who live in the USA & even introduce themselves as americans…proudly… that video should be an eye opener , you bonobos uncle toms should get off your high horses…

african immigrants have the same right to U.S as these hispanic immigrants… But with that said, i think africans who go abroad an start refering themselves to other nationalities are stupid.

They (Majority) are in the bag without a doubt especially all the Puerto Ricans who moved state side after the hurricane. Majority moved to Florida and Pennsylvania. The Dem. ticket usually doesn’t appeal much to Cuban and Venezuela immigrants as they always perceive (look down) themselves better than all the other Latino immigrants.

Trump will get record breaking votes from blacks and other minorities.

Nope! A sprinkle of Cumin and Black Pepper here and there will not save him and he knows this, that’s why he has been sowing doubts about a rigged election. He will be in a daze tomorrow once the results start trickling in.

look at the closest patch of uncovered skin on your body then repeat what you have just said…