Black Widow Reviews have started dropping

Critics have had a chance to see early screening of Blackwidow and the reviews are Positive, that’s a good sign you can check the reviews [B]HERE[/B].
I am really exited for this movie, i feel like july 9th can’t come fast enough. I know it comes into theaters and Disney Plus the same day which means pirates tutakua nayo before the end of that day :smiley: it is going to my Plex in 4k hdr haraka sana.
But this deserves a theatre experience and it’s only right to see it in Imax. Seeing a movie like this with fellow fans is thrilling.
Will be my first entry back to the cinema since covid

Tuma link ya ff9

Its still in theatres bro unless u watch camera copies

I look forward to this one. I get tired of superhero movies where the fate world is at stake. I like simpler stories like Logan. I hope it has none of the ‘we have to save the world’ boolshit.

Hahaha since this is before the whole avengers period i think it wont have any of that. Hio “We have to save the world” stuff wachia ETERNALS

Wewe unaitegea, mimi apa nshai watch …


As usual nitangojea user reviews. I never trust critics.

Ooh for a moment there l thought Gov Mutua thru Machawood produkshizzle amecheza kama yeye. Ametoa blockbuster shot huko kayole ya Hessy Blackwidow showcasing split skulls alikomesha janta ya akina Jonte na sonko

Superhero stuff can be monotonous. Waiting for Samuel “mazapaka” Jackson’s The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard.

and the world that needs saving is situated in America only:D:D:D

For some reason, past Fast & Furious 3 I find the rest to be garbage.

Yet they cannot save themselves from the pit they dug themselves in.