Black Widow — How to Fail at Spy Thriller | Anatomy Of A Failure


The only reason this movie is rated as high as it is right now is because it’s MCU. Remove the Widow and slot in Dom Torretto and the rating will fall hard.

I laughed out loud at ‘pheromonal lock’. That was first-class BS.

Some things you just gotta let them slide…like why hulk’s pants dont rip when EVERYTHING else does?

When the studio calls a movie spy thriller it makes it very hard to ignore somethings like a super secret organization sending someone who is very visible like task master.

For disney to show the world how progressive they are they had to cg a woman’s head on a man’s body:D:D

Wasted my time …when I saw this , niliona ni bulshit.

Currently na watch Alex Rider its a British spy series, not bad in today’s standards.

Today’s standards are rock bottom.

I day i learned videography and editing my interest on movie iliisha. Niliwatch i start to look at the artistic expression. How was the shot taken. Is it a drone? Over the shoulder, wide,close up, long shot,middle. Editing if there is a flaw. Hivyo ndivyo plot hunitoka hadi i can not tell how it ended.

will not watch it

I’m not surprised this movie sucks. That trailer told me everything I needed to know.

I am afraid several new MCU movies will suck. Kwanza ninaona hawa watu wataharibu Blade.

Absolutely. While I dont mind mahershala as the new actor the problem these days is almost always the writing. And its very rare Siku izi kupata a good remake of anything kwanza vile nikama hollywood Siku izi hakuna creativity.

I think sasa after infinity war ni ngumu kurudi hapo tena. If I was DC sai ndo ningechukua advantage but they have problems of their own as well

A veteran hollywood writer [SIZE=4]Kamran Pasha[/SIZE] said in a podcast that siku hizi most blockbuster movies zinapitia committee, creativity inamalizwa because hawa watu wanaogopa American twitter.

How woke is this film?

Hard to believe that the same people who heavily advocated for freedom of expression in media are mow the same ones thrashing the hell out of it

Kumbe ndo maana siku izi zinaka matope ivi.

These days I find myself nikiona vitu za nchi zingine shows like dark from Germany or British showsat least that way unaeza pata vitu za maana.

I hear its moderately woke unlike how they were advertising it in the entertainment sites and twitter.

The juicy part of cinema is based on the concept of wild imagination. So if the audience are already fixated on a premeditated outcome, then creativity has already been killed.

Hollywood has alot of censorship. Nilifuatilia how they treated Gina Carano because she voted for Trump. First they harassed her because kwa twitter bio she didn’t put pronouns then waktwist her post about rise of nazis and used it to fire her and blacklist her. Uzuri alot of normal ppl walimtetea.