Black Summer season 2

3 episodes in and it feels like what the game The Last of Us would be if it were a tv series. Loving it so far.


Zombie flick? Again?

Yes, but IGN gave it a 9/10

Personally siwezi trust ratings from IGN and other entertainment sites. The best barometer will always be user scores.

True but they gave The Last of Us Part 2 10/10 and it became the fastest selling PS4 exclusive to date. So wako na ka ukweli to some extent.

It was fastest because people had pre-ordered before they knew how the story would go. This is why I always say read the user reviews. Pro critics usually praise big companies in order to gain exclusives.
Below shows the difference between critic reviews and actual users.

The best selling PS4 exclusive game to date was Uncharted 4 followed by Spider Man, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn.

I don’t think Last of US part 2 will ever outsell those video games I have mentioned above.
It didn’t even outsell Ghost of Tushima, yet Ghost of Tushima was released after Last of Us 2.

True, personally when I saw IGN app being promoted on the PlayStation Store I always wondered if IGN can remain objective about Sony games. Anyways, the users downvoting the game were angry coz of the spoilers showing Joel getting bashed in the head by a tranny and Ellie being revealed as the villain in the leak. I feel that leak influenced the opinion of many voters badly.

Yes but also many individual youtubers playing that game live loved the technical aspects of the game but hated the storyline.

I meant fastest selling. They sold over 4 million copies in the first week which was a sales record for Sony exclusives.

True but now the question is, is it fair to downvote a game because we didn’t like the ending? In a way it is bullying directors. Mind you Ellie and Joel killed so many people am not even sure why they were considered the good guys :smiley:

white horse is easily the best episode

if you played the first game you’d understand the disappointment

i completely abhor zombies,gore-vampires . basically series with human body parts being torn and human fluid all over the place. THE STAND ilinibore sana kwanza the first 4 episodes it was blood, vomit, piss, feaces, saliva only i had to fast-forward 90% of the four episodes before it settled down to real acting. A zombie movie can be good without all that disgusting gore look at the World War Z was done perfectly without disgusting chieth. i never watched Walking dead, Z nation after the trailers. i watch vampire shows but when it becomes blood sucking gore all through i cant. a vampire movie should be 95% vampiric super-powers and 3% blood sucking like BLADE.

on Blacksummer hata season one was just average am not watching season 2.

I did! Played it on PS3.

I read the book The Stand, it’s much better. The Walking Dead and Z Nation ziko fity boss just give them a chance. As for Black Summer, if you are a gamer, you will enjoy season 2. I thought season 1 was average as well but when I watched it the 2nd time ilinibamba sana.

GoT did not outsell TLoU2. There are months where it stayed upper half of downloads charts. Last time I checked GoT was at 5.1M while TLoU2 was at 7M.

Having played both games to 100%, GoT has the most boring side missions of any triple A game. Too much tracking and investigating , slow walking, rescuing villagers, and uninteresting characters.
I like the game but TLoU2 is a fucking masterpiece.

List of best-selling PlayStation 4 video games - Wikipedia

Have you checked the link you provided? How do you compare sales of on game in june 2020 vs another in July. The list is extremely outdated. Lat me find you the Sony report last year that had TLoU2 players at 5M a few weeks after release.

You really think Infamous Second Son sold more copies that TLoU?

At this point Twitch stats would be more useful that that out of date Wiki.

Tom Raider is pretty good