Black RepubliCUNTS told they would be called monkeys and niggers in Ukraine

@patco No matter how much you profess their “ideology”, at the end of the day this is their perception of you and that won’t change in a thousand years. @Ndindu is always right. These goons deserve nothing. Posobiec and co are from that area and they share the same sentiments with them. You are a useful idiot to them, Democrat would never.




Na ndio maana sisi kama MAGA we supports Putin as he exterminates and liquidates Ukrainian NAZIs.

Only an idiot like you and retard @Simiyu22 would support Ukrainian NAZIs.

You see that lady in your profile pic?

She supports a.bortion of black babies so that African Americans wapungue U.S na Latino wakuwe the 2nd main minority.

AOC will gladly market a.bortion in black neighbourhoods but she would never do the same thing in her homeland Puerto Rico.

Mimi umewai niona nikisupport Nazis :D? Nilisema wakuwe denazified from Day 1

AOC nitamtoa tu soon.

Punguza kiburi njaruo jinga jeuri

That’s interesting how “civilized” americans see other nations. Ukrainians for them are nothing but another wild “uncivilized” tribe who don’t know “the rules”.
The problem of people like the dude who said it is not seeing difference between american and ukrainian way of using “nigger”.

Blacks have fought many wars for the US and and have been in the US military for decades but they are not accorded the respect that they deserve. Many died in Europe in the 1930s and early 1940s but are rarely spoken about. Only whites are acknowledged.

Mimi am always BLuNt as Fvck online when engaging with those white gods of @patco.

Do you know that The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints decided in 1978 that Negroes can go to heaven? White people classify Blecks as Wildlife. This church is very common in Utah

@Simiyu22 enda ukapigane Ukraine .Yes you might get called a nigga , a monkey by your Ukrainian comrades but its nothing

Why don’t you niggas focus on bbi and wheelbarrows?
Is this obsession with retarded american politics and squabbles a form of escapism or what?
90% of americans cant point out Kenya in a map but here you are larping as american right or left wingers.
Nigga get off the screen and walk around your shithole neighborhood.

Kuna church inaitwa Mormons, huwa iko kuenda ndani ndani ya US na huko farming areas penye unapata a whole town has sth like 500 people na wote wanajuana. That church believes Black people are the devil and intermarriages are wrong because they pollute their “bloodline”. Hata Amish hawako that racist like the orange cunts who are the Mormons.

To be fair blacks/africans believe it as well. It’s not something unique and exclusive.
You believe that being gay makes you smarter, everyone is going crazy in their own way.

We mafi acha kunisumbua, I am not in the mood to argue with your shallow teaspoon IQ. Kula mute ghaseer.

We are not as miserable as you are, unfortunately :D. You can go back to your shithole and rant your problems away. Third worlders mnasumbua :D, kufeni na vumbi na huko ewwwww

Mormons their church is LDS. Ni deeply racist fvcks from Utah

Nimewai dinya dem Mormon.

Okay. To close “IQ question” that you’re so obsessed with I’m ready to humilIate you in any “IQ” competitions once and forever. Since you’re used to be in a female position, I let you choose.

denazify ukraine . but sielewi, does it mean American govt is recruiting americans and sending them to Ukraine to fight Russians @Aka mpole

Maliza hio multihandler takataka ya kujiongelesha