Black power ideology always ends with a symbol of a fist..

Is black supremacist movement a reality or just a whisper from the ghetto that whisper which will never get to the people of the upper caste of the society? I don’t find them black supremacist movement logical they filled with ghetto ignoramuses, full of conspiracy theory type of shit about why the black race is superior to other races but that look on the ground don’t add up.
Anybody black supremacy leaning enlighten me,how relevant are you people,

Isn’t a fist better than a dick

Honestly, what’s up with these black girls??

No self respect at all!!


KANGZ muh nigga! Thas who we wuz shieeet… nomsayin

@LuandaMagere kuja uone hawa watu

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Ati atia mutongoria? Unapenda fisting?:D:D:D

Nah ! ! ! Talking about symbols . Blecks use fist, while Western Power is represented by D!cks.