Black people

How are these people black?
Or what does black mean?

One parent is black. Unatumia hii akili kuvuka Barabara?


The other parent is white. So why are we focusing on one part only? Nigga is 50% black and 50% white.

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One drop of black blood makes you a nyeuthi in their eyes. So why not just call yourself a black man to avoid siasa mingi.
I understand that stand.


Hata kina njoki ubleach to something better than hizo misenge

Cheki hizo nyonyoo vile zimesimama wima

Hizo nyonyo haki yaoooh

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Wakamba ni mali saffi wakiwa wadogo but wakizeeka wanakaa jini


My grandmothers are both old and Ile MBARUya makengeza haiwezi toka kwa trap ya aunt Esther
. wakwitu wacha uhasama


Nipatie number ya aunt yako

Wacha umbwakni Chifo… wakamba hatuzeeki we have superior genes

Anyway it’s true hamzeeki haraka coz Kalonzo na Mutua wanakaa tu vijana

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One drop of white blood makes you a msungu in our eyes. So why not just call yourself msungu to avoid siasa mingi?

You can call yourself anything. But at the end of the day, it’s how society views you. That is, one drop of Black, they won’t categorize you as white. Maybe mixed.

White + chinese are called Half chinese, not chinese
White + indian are called Half Indian, not Indian
White + black should also be called Half Black, not black.

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I have never heard of a half Chinese or half Indian. I hear about half Black all the time.

Sometimes they call themselves multiracial but not chinese or indian. Even black + white should call themselves multiracial, not black.

I wasnt saying they should be recognised as white since they actually arent white. They should be recognized as multiracial/mixed race/biracial.

The Spanish and the Portuguese actually recognise and even gave them a name. Mulatto for Spanish and Pardo for Portuguese. Even the so called Latinos who are a mix of Native American and European are called mestizos to distinguish them from white people. All this what brought about by America to discriminate people. It was brought about when most of the biracial people during colonial America used to pass for white and also identify as such.

Eti Obama was a he first black US president? Dude considers himself white…