Black people.

I was watching one of my fave shows ‘Fargo season 4’ and i must say , Niggas spoil everything. the show sucks, same with True detective season 3. The moment they introduce black characters to a great white show…it goes to hell.same would happen if James Bond became black. This is the equivalent of female characters playing men’s roles like Batwoman(worst show on Tv).
Black people should stick to their stuff.Troy fall of a city falls here as well…no way a black man was a hero in the spartan army. end of rant.

I take it that a white man is your “gold” standard?

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I take it that a white man is your “gold” standard?
[/QUOTE can you read it again…maybe this time you will not miss the point.[/QUOTE]

Cant argue with jungle bunnies,let them be

My big penis disagrees.

But Carter was introduced in 24 legacy and the tv show rocked.

True detective season 1 was the best show ever the others 2 and 3 didn’t make any sense at all.

Black people make everything interesting…do you imagine what sports would be like without blacks?or music? and that’s why they always try to put us down

The Wire was full of black people, did it suck?
Game of Thrones was full of white folks, look at that shitty ending.

Fargo season 3 doesn’t suck because they introduced black people but because of the script.

kuna fargo4

fargo are real stories… io 4 iko

Generally, in this kind of topics, Negroz are encouraged to emphasize and exhaust ALL the other many Negroz positives, Before pulling out that nigger monster d!ck fact.


Okay Patel…you should also stick to those silly Bollywood movies!

No they’re not lmao. Look it up. It’s completely fictional.

meffi wewe … reEnacted based on real events

I challenge you to find any news reports of anything that happened in Fargo.

I rest my case

Huyo jamaa kwani ni curry muncher?

Bana,he’s a descendant of the coolies

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