Black panther

[ATTACH=full]160608[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160609[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160610[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160611[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160612[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160615[/ATTACH] So after getting paid by ****county for deliveries i made last year, i felt relieved savage akasema leo hakuna kazi and by 7:30am i was at java taking my vanilla latte which i love. Once i was done i drove all the way to imax ile ya town to watch black panther( the only thing that excited me was the white klaw guy and his humor the rest was crap). Anyway kuingia napata some chick on my seat, being a savage i asked her kama anataka nikae juu yake akaniuliza kwanini i didnt answer her nikaketi kando yake since the cinema was half full. I inspected the nyoka and it looked edible despite the darkness. I could tell She loved the movie from her reactions. Ikifika part ya lupita anaitana lupita, akiona kenya imeandikwa kwa screen anapiga makofi nikajua hapa kuna kazi. She seems to enjoy this boring movie which i dont see what the hype is all about.Kiasi kiasi savage ameanza idle talk na jokes kiasi, kunguru ikaanza kufeel my vibe. I hold her hand tightly during one kissing session between lupita and the king. So movie ends at around 10:30 nikamwambia tuende hapo afrah lounge which is inside kenya cinema,hii lounge ni cinema bt iko na bar na couches.Mimi huyo savage kama kawaida sichelewi nikamwitishia cocktail inaitwa americano hiyo ni hatari more than 3 lazma ablack out. Stori stori hapo na within no time she is tipsy and touchy touchy. Once i confirmed the prey was properly marinated, we walked out and went to my car which i had parked outside imax, thank God it wasn’t clamped i hadnt paid the fking ejiji pay. Got into the car and drove off to my place. Nyoka hata haikuwa na panty, kutry kufinger coomer pussy was dry like the sahara desert, i reached out and opened the drawer to take out the essentials (condoms and the ky jelly). While at it she spotted a spanish gold fly box and asked what it was nikamwambia ni perfume yangu. After some foreplay the kunguru was horny and begs me to fuck her. I take out the 12 inch big black sausage and ram it into her pussy. She moans in pain. I pump back and forth and after a few strokes i can feel that the condom has burst, savage ni nani, i continue pumping until when im ready to cum, knowing my pull out game is strong , i pull out early enough and cum into her mouth. Pnc hits me hard and its almost 4 oclock. So we take a shower and we get into my car and we are on our way back to town , mvua na jam inafanya tufike town 8:00. I drop her off at kencom then meet with my drinking buddies hapo international life house. We are just sipping some njemson while deciding between space lounge and blend right now. Nikipata nyoka ingine huko lazma nikamue pia hiyo hekaya ingine loading.

Luwereee Luwere! Luwere! Luwere khulangwa Kuche Luwere! Luwere! Nyasaye akhulinde…

Hiyo drink inakaa ‘omo’. Kuna beste yangu huita keg omo

Chunga maisha!

As long as PrEP ilikuwa mpangoni, you will be fine. Otherwise, get ready for huge lifestyle change bruh! But iyo kitu umenyakua iko fiti lakini. So alikuwa commando na jeggings?o_Oo_Oo_O

You are an adult. Fuck as many pussies (dryfry) as you want, including wenye hawajavaa panty (that is the reddest flag possible). Three years from now utakuwa unaanikwa kwa jua asubuhi unaanuliwa jioni with a mouth full of flies na ukivaa pampers kuhara 24/7. I pity your close family juu unawatafutia kazi hawajajitayarisha.

ha ha so am not the only one who thinks that movie is just over-rated, the story is just not intriguing, the only thing making mortals excited is the black actors.
Anyway, chunga hizo random kungurus , always use a cd bro

Mjinga anapata dame hana ngotha halafu anakula kavu. Hiyo ni guarantee huyo ni malaya wa K-street tu ama Simmers wenye humangwa kwa gari parking lot.

:D:D just wondering when scorching piss will hit him vizuri ajue PnC kuna vile haitasaidia kama blunder ishafanyika.


Unajiona bingwa after dry frying a random whore, you should be writing your will now not boasting online to random anonymous kenyans

:D:D:D:D:D funny yet sad.

You’re not the only one I think its over rated too

Haki this generation!

Ky jelly ni ya nini? Kwani wewe ni mtu wa itina…Sad

unajisifu sana… are you from wakanda?

Dry and cold posseh

:D:D:D Kwani he is a mortician?

Nice hekaya but you just wrote your obituary, epitaph iko kwa fundi ikipigwa final touches.

Of course ni 12 inch