black panther review

Carpet ya pink = feminist

slechama umewai kamua dem kweli vile unalianga hapa daily

Bado sijawatch hii movie

I agree with you, was so underwhelmed too. But if you think we’ve seen the last of such computer crap, don’t be comforted with the fact that true story telling has died with the rise of fantasy-based imagination. I wonder what kind of compositions kids write these days. In future, there’ll be some pretty weird movies and series. Very very boring and extremely lazy ones. Mark my words.

Nowadays holywood is afraid of sponsoring radical original movies sio kama kitambo. Nowadays they have to make sure movies are PC, they have to be especially careful they do not offend feminazis.

Truly speaking, you have no idea what a good movie is.

you are not a comic book fan. the black panther community adds alot of value to the MCU. the next spiderman movie might have scenes in wakanda

Black Panther Ni upus tu ya watoi wawatch.

Real Movies Ni za wasee kama
Clint Eastwood
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Al Pacino
Tom Cruise
Dolph Lundgren
Robert Duvall
George Segal
Wesley Snipes
Nani anakumbuka Scar Face , The godfather trilogy, esacpe from Alcatraz, Bullit , The outfit, Commando, in the line of fire , blood work, Passenger 57 , ETC



Hio the bold and the beutyful hua naipenda sana kaa kuna mtu anayo c anitumie plz

hapo nakuunga mguu hata c mkono

Wakanda is in Busia.

Wife aliniambia ati ni hapo kwao nyeri… Atanipeleka nikaone…

The only good thing in that movie is Lupita. She is dryfry material.

yap completely agree with wankle…that movie was absolute shiiiet

kabisa ankle

nikonayo but clear or otherwise iyo movie ni overrated