black panther review


Wellllllllllll what can i say mmmhhhhhhhhh . first of all i am biased i basicaly hate sci-fi movies from STAR WARS to TRON they are usually nonsense baked in a computer with fictitous lights . the only SCIFI movie i ever loved was STAR TREK of the 80s 90s when i was a kid the days i also liked WWF , SANTA BARBRA and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . so my first word JUST AN AVERAGE MOVIE infact i forced myself to finish it , by the 45th minute i was bored i looked all over looking for some action and it was like only 1 % infact i went outside to see my bukusu shepart sparring with a cat outside to balance the lack of action . ok , so the africanisation of the movie is good , the ZULU attires si mbaya ( although they should have wakilishad our maasai clothes kiasi but isorait )

The Hollywood feminazis once more tried making themselves felt with the female army ( we all know its lies a woman beating up a muscled guy ) but it wasnt bad but daaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmn the women are ugly , those shaved women with oblong heads kama ya @headhoncho kwani hawangetafuta some sexy hollywood ladies to act those parts , from the small girl sister to BP to the leader of the ladies army phuck i thought Lupita would be the only ugly woman in the movie , siwes kula hio mfupa hata na dawa . the fact is THIS IS A SCIFI MOVIE not a SUPER HERO MOVIE we must differentiate na tusidanganye watu you cant compare this chieth to THOR RAGNAROK where we had serious real combat or compare it to zile movie za TOM CRUISE . the movie has no stunt masters in it but is full of computer generated photo/videoshop . ni kama @Deorro achukue laptop and make up some imaginary things na software then aturushie ati ni movie . the SA accent was not bad but the Nigerian accent ili bore . the best action in the movie is when the mountain men fight with the BPs army and BP fighting his cousin … the SA songs were lovely as always SA has best songs ever , ZUMA style , the Rhinos looked lovely though enhanced wangeongeza the big five kwa movie . best part of the movie is the were no homosexual /bestiality/ lesbian scenes . black panther is a nice action figure but he should just be incorporated in a movie with other marvels super heroes . nimesema tuuuuuuu, though directed/scripted by a black man because of it being all black it should have been left to other experienced directors to script/direct it . basically though it as been rated the third all time box office record breakers it is useless almost like those musicals chieth and this is just those hollywood phuckers trying to toy with the black mans mind .


-this movie is for kids bellow the age of 15 years
-worst ‘super hero’ movie/SERIES after LUKE CAGE , deadpool and antman .

  • action 20% , drama/scifichieth 80%

please my fans tungojee tu SICARIO 2 we see mexicans wakikatwa na panga live we see real things si ujinga ya scifi ati vitu vile zitakuwa 2590 . nonsense! (in @georginamakenas voice )

Waste of time for the New York times acclaimed pulitzer , emmy , globe award winning reviewer , Nobel prize laureate , scepter

Uncle Lien .


Uwes stick to First Blood and Cynthia Rothrock movies.
I also thought it was just okay lakini you can’t review a movie while talking to sheppats outside.

Ni kama kusoma book alafu uendelee kuturn pages na huangalii book.

they are usually nonsense baked in a computer with fictitous lights

arent you the same character who plays ps games

haiwezi hio movie

yes ni mimi . but movie ya ujinga tunamulika

Kula vizuri bana wachana na noodles ukichapa hard liquor…

WTF!! PLASTIC carpet? The last time niliona io kitu kwa nyumba ya mtu i was in class six.

Why are you eating from the earth??

Haujipendi. Angalau ungekuwa na vipande vya nyama.

Hatuwezi soma reviews za mtu hawezi lipa tenga awatch pale Imax. Of course what do you expect from that coloured x-ray machine you call a TV!

Black panther ni shit heri ata ni watch naked and afraid

thought the movie was over-rated as well…lemme wait for the INFINITY WAR on torrent…

Sijawahi jua what the so called the black panther what it means…and will never watch it.

usijaribu padre ni upussssss

clear copy inatoka lini i know hii itakuwa kali

This movie is only good for what it stands. Massively overrated. Critics and SJWs had multiple orgasms watching it

It doesn’t even stand alongside the top four marvel movies IMO.

Halafu that ‘Helluva move’ that finished off killmonger… movie giza sana haionekani.

I’d give it a solid B.

ni ukweli uwesmake siku hizi kupata movie mzito ni ngumu kiasi. I think we are in a zone where the filmmakers wa kitambo wanaretire na wengine kukufa so it’s more of a learning period for young filmmakers, the next generation of Spielbergs, Jonathan demmes, George Lucas’s and Scorseses. It will take a while to separate the wheat from the chaff.

kama hio black panther director ryan coogler, he is just a young man who graduated campus the other day. In the old days it would’ve taken him very many years of hard work and experience before he ever helms a movie. Na wengi in the old days hawakuenda shule they worked their way up to become directors from vijana wa mkono.

And then the cinema look ile macho yako imezoea ya zamani pia imegeuka. Kitambo cinema ilikuwa ina filmiwa na film stock. Your eyes were adjusted to a beautiful, basic, analogue, fantastic look. Siku hizi mambo ni digital with billions of colour variations and CGI.

Filmmakers are therefore lazier because everything is there or can be done in post with some fake graphics. kitambo kutengeneza movie kama rambo ni lazima watu kadhaa wangevunjika mikono na miguu na walale hospitali siku kadhaa before resuming shoot lakini nayo unaona the realism ya hio movie.

kabisa unakumbuka ile kipindi STUNTMASTERS ya 90s tulikuwa tunaona how this shit is done , they have to be contracted to pull those stunts siku hizi mtu nahesgimu ni Tom Cruise he does his own stunts .

i have jst finished watching black panther. In my opinion, it’s n okay movie.