Black Millionaires in the world.

The first 4 countries ndio zimebeba the whole AFRICAN continent. In ANY ranking about Africa, LAZIMA zikuwe ni hizo. [SIZE=1]Although niko sure Kenya imeshinda Nigeria, ni venye tuko na several billionaires wamenyamaza ndio KRA isinukishe kitunguu na wao:D:D:D[/SIZE]


@Azor Ahai ataiprint nakuweka kando ya mirror

KRA is typing…

Only 2200 dollar billionaires in the whole world.

Africa ni shamba la mawe walai. Hopefully crypto can get me into this league

Population of US is 300 million.

The percentage is not correct.

Data not reliable,

Wewe soma vizuri, that’s the Negro population

LOL, the US is that big of a juggernaut bro. Wako ligi yao, don’t compare them with bonoboland

Mauritius doing very well - in terms of ratio

It’s actually 330M. That one is for Blacks alone. Sai wameshafika 50M.

It’s because Mauritians are muhindees and not bonobos

Am glad to be among the 9400 in kenya

Once you remove the top five countries from that list, the rest is just dark stinking shithole