Black Men want everything but provide NOTHING

You want a champaign woman who will give you the royal treatment on a shoe string budget, that’s not how things work.

What if you have a good man with a shoe string budget ?

A good man in this world is your dad, your son, dead men and Jesus. Hawa wengine ni kujifanya hujifanya wazuri until you as a woman build them then once they are in the money true colors will come out. Poor men are very good and humble especially if a woman is assisting them to come up financially. The truth about a man’s character is in his wallet. When it is full.

It’s how nature is made.
Think about it, even females lion go hunting and bring food to the male and children.
The work of male is to provide security and perhaps
Entertain Female/s

That’s not what other animals do. It’s only because Lion is king of the jungle. Ndio ako exempt. Otherwise all the rest are expected to provide for female and offsprings.