Black man what do you have?

Was going through this and apart from za gava, ngapi ni zetu black kenyan!!![ATTACH=full]217148[/ATTACH]

Naona Equity ya @uwesmake , how were they ranked though ?

By owning shares in those companies Kenyans own those companies

This list has looked at the terms and renumeration for management level employees only. If all the employees were considered, Equity wouldnt be anywhere near top 1000

Hiyo ya Bonfire nime doubt. Unless they improved just thee other day.

Transformation going on at the big4s will leave the blacks owning very minute shares,they want the employees to work from anywhere and can even become partners in the offices they choose to work from.All controls are going to their respective SA offices,I know of one firm that is shying from adopting the LBGT policy but its just a matter of time.
I also know one whose local.suppliers have been frustrated coz the new boss want to deal with the big companies directly like IBM,DELL,HP so that they can get the
Years down the line blackman will be like,what happened here,whites are running their biz from my country.

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Vipi jamaa,christmas iko vipi,rusha kakitu pande hizi

Nope, I don’t think so.

So the UN appears to be a serperate entity from UNEP, UNICEF AND world bank in this ranking SMH!

There are well paid individuals roaming around in red number plates courtesy of the above.