Black man burns down white woman's house for rejecting his advances

Well, hell, I always tell you that men especially black men are super entitled and the more distance you can put between you as a woman and them as man, the better for you. Thankfully the man was sentenced for 20 years so he won’t be hurting any more women for rejecting his advances, black, Hispanic, mixed or white.

I mean we’ve seen it all from these baboons jumping a young lady and stealing her shoes. To putting a woman in a freezer for refusing their advances at a supermarket. To beating a girl with a skate board after rejecting their advances, to biting a woman’s face for refusing their offer to pay for their booze at a liquor store. Of course we know it would not have gone any better if she agreed for him to pay since after accepting unsolicited gifts of any kind from men including dates, you can be hacked by an axe, thrown out of the 12th floor of a building and even be burnt with acid.

I keep telling you that these baboons are dangerous. If you reject to start a relationship with them or you want to end one they will chop you up, if you get pregnant for them they will kill you bcz they want to raw dog you but not to have kids with you.

I have always maintained that men are dangerous and it get worse if they are black. More so black Americans. The less you deal with them the safer you as a woman will be.

These guys are a special class of black. And by the way, faces say a lot about the person, if you care to read the quiet signs. See the taut lips and unsmiling eyes? I see anger there. [SIZE=1](Looks are deceptive; you’re judging! Bla bla bla. Yea, yea. I know. Still, there’s anger there!)[/SIZE]They say eyes are windows of the soul. Trust your gut.