BLACK LIVES MATTER defies the thief Biden.

Biden is busy overthrowing the Cuban govt whereas his communist youth league have opposed the idea. :D:D:D

Another case of Young Progressives VS Status Quo Liberals.

The only question is who does BLM represent any more because it aint black folks.


:meffi:USA :meffi:is :meffi:sh!t:meffi:

BLM leaders have always said they support marxism and communism. They only supported mzee Biden to remove the bad orangeman.

How many homosexual groups do USA has? Mara blm,mara LGBT mara what a crooked country, I don’t pray evil for USA because I know Chinese slit eyed dogs or even the Russian Mafia are the worst and will finish us Africans but this bullshit of excessive rights ([SIZE=1]especially anal rights[/SIZE][SIZE=4]) will run down the American empire[/SIZE]

Wachaneni na hio nchi God himself atadeal nayo.

I agree.