Black ladies hebu watch this

Child!!! Nearly fell off my chair. Watu wa natural it’s time consuming buh this was hard to watch.

Not good. This needs to be criminalized: we want women to have hair!

tumezoea kutomba malaya mama ya mkamba mjinga maskini @PHARMACY mlolongo for 49 bob ndio @PHARMACY akazaliwa . @Agwambo akitomba @Heke na @Josto Bwaku mkundu for food

It takes alot of time to maintain natural hair. If you are doing a time consuming thing like med school, you don’t have the time to maintain natural hair. I’m sure she can wear a wig when she needs to. No biggy. It’ll grow back. I wish I had her guts the last time I cut my hair I don’t even remember, maybe 20 years ago. The thing I hate about relaxed hair is everyone thinks you are wearing a weave. It’s like black women can’t have long hair. Relaxed hair is really easy to maintain but natural is high maintenance. I don’t do it to please men though. To them it makes no difference if its a weave but women are always keen to see if it is a weave and what type. I always wanted long dreadlocks but I don’t have the energy for the type of maintenance required. I am those people who don’t want to be in a salon for more than 2 hrs. For natural hair it’s the whole day. That is the time I could be getting some things done that are pending. I admire the persevering nature of naturalistas.

Hair is one of the most important parts of a woman, even short, natural hair looks great on some women who know how to shape it. I don’t know what they do to it, but those little curls look great. Your hairdresser’s skill matters a lot. If you go to some bogus salon with some provincial kinyozi to cut your hair, you’ll come out looking kinda punkish, he can easily transform you into a hoodrat. Weaves are like a headdress, they hide the real person, and rarely look great. I’m always wondering what she really looks like under it.

Some look very natural…

The only thing I can stand is plain lines. I don’t do weaves. Prefer wigs myself. Well my real hair looks like weave anyway so I’m good. My hairline is weak so I don’t do braids and anything weave. I can’t even recall the last time I had regular braids maybe ten years ago. I don’t stress my hair, maybe that is why it looks like weave. Bcz I leave it alone and wear protective styles most of the time. I relax when the weather is hot. Then everyone including my own mother will be like, is that your hair? Or it’s a weave? I’m like Ma how many times do you need to see my hair to believe its my hair? Then other people are like why don’t you have your hair out all year round? I’m like that’s why it’s good, most of the year it’s in protective styles. It’s hard to keep your hair long and relaxed. Black hair does better when it’s natural. When it’s relaxed it starts falling after 3 months bcz of the growth. It’s worse if you use permanent dyes and flat iron it. Relaxer isn’t good for black hair. But who has the time to do all this?

Grande. Now, the Village custom is to post a picture of your head in cornrows, or it never happened:D

Quit this nonsense @uwesmake , it’s not funny

Uskaskize uyo mlamba kinembe mzee uchokosh i tambe kutamba…maumbwa nyi watatu(kapoti included)

I guess it never happened then :smiley:

Cornrows are the secret to good hair. Go check Waiguru before she went natural. She was either having her hair relaxed or in lines. No weaves. No braids. Njoki Ndungu the same.