Black Gold problems

Alriiiiight ! Haya wapenzi watazamaji twende moja kwa moja hadi kule Kaskazini Magharibi , afrocinema resumes

A good watch but on a serious note , for Africa to change and become better and tackle problems that plague us day in and out no matter how much opportunity we have , we need a generational change .

Africa needs to die , be re-born , die again and be re-born once again . Only a new age of evolved Africans can make it better , for now we can just hold on and try our best to survive . Just my opinion .

feeeerrrk that actually looked post-apocalyptical, Africans just need a kick up their butt so they can demand what they actually deserve from their leaders.
Found this one on South Africa

True … Kunakaa ni kama dunia imeisha . Two of the biggest economies in Africa wote na shida zingine mpaka unashindwa what is this life really about .

hehe hao military ya nigeria ni retards. how do you let all that diesel into the river? thats a bigger disaster than substandard fuel.

Now some folks here justified how crude oil should leave turkana , go to whatever ,processed and returned back as refined oil.
Let’s pause and think , these weasels/scambags are able to process their own crude oil to produce diesel and it’s a quack posho mill, then why can’t we develop more advanced than these and sell cheap oil to kenyans? Si ni diesel that they are producing ama ni nini naona?

I blame white people. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t even know oil existed and we would be killing each other over something else

Shida ni kuitoa chini. Na by the time mtu aitoe chini, ashapata market ya kuiuza na amehongana na kusign contracts zinazomkubalisha kufanya anachotaka nayo.

It’s substandard only by issue of purity but still enyewe seems with a few tools you can refine your own oil . Sijui what’s the deal about Uganda and Kenya sending out their oil to be refined elsewhere .

Corruption as always.

Hii story ya kublame mzungu inafaa iishe, it’s true, Africa needs to die ndio tudevelop. The amount of wars and fresh starts Europe and Asia had is what makes them what they’re today and that’s not even counting the two world wars.

wakubwa watakula nini?

There is also another problem of Fulani herdsmen.

Yes the problem started with the british. They got shell and BP the exploitative deal on the oil even before independence. All Nigeria crude oil is extracted and sold in the international market. Problem is nobody know how much oil is actually extracted daily. They control everything and pay off the rest. Its an open secret. Total, ENI and Exxon have all joined the theft with successive regimes.

Coomer probably

That is a cop out. We don’t have time to go through Europe’s history…we are too far behind and we are living in a connected world

I don’t blame these rebels. I support them 70%. 30% I don’t because Im passionate about environment. They have been let down government after government. This what happens when you disenfranchise your own people . Mimi hucheka when someone says naishi lavi, siwezi ishi korogosho. Truth is that these guys who are disenfranchised from korogosho will come and wait for you at the gate to take what is “rightfully” theirs. These Africans leaders should come up with policies that communities benefit directly from these oils

Case study ; hii turkana is also a time bomb waiting to happen if the locals are disenfranchised. There has been many warning shots about oil there but someone is giving a blind eye. They blocked the roads the other day, they have been crying about increasing local community involvement in the process and they have guns. These leaders should tread carefully with these black golds. Very very careful.