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:D:D:D Atí River Road, woih! It’s been several years now but no, they actually came from out there. Hiyo picha ya Simran actually nimetoa and cropped it. It’s the exact model I used.

From my rudimentary physics, 120V * 2A = 240w. Assuming a 75% efficiency, the 1000w transformer should work flawlessly. Only, it didn’t.

Si kw ubaya lakini ikija kwa electronics vitu za USA wachana nazo. Nunua za Brito or if the seller gives you options then choose British power options. Ubaya items are cheaper in USA as compared to UK.

Real dilemma I tell you.

Screwplus have you ascertained that the place you live doesn’t have wiring issues? Coz hizi wire zinatumiwa kwa nyumba nyingi nowadays are not up to par. You might blame Kenya power, the foreign devices, the surge protectors and the problem probably lies with your wiring. Or maybe you’re overloading a socket by using one of those power bars from river road to power a flat screen and an Xbox hadi ina overheat vi upuzi.

Wapi huko?

Atleast try N xplain to this guy diff ya refresh rate N fraps kabla uketi

Not wiring actually this occurs buy leaving appliance on N ol not switching off it won’t blow the first time but a constant occurrence ya hii over a short period something will burn.

ushawi nunua console maisha yako ukaona voltage slector nyuma plus you thinnk …you know what am done … kichwa imuenguwa na huyu mse

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I need to drink this…


Actually, I’d bought the Simran from when the converter didn’t perform as expected. Prior to this, I’d read online that devices with microchips, etc were best served by a transformer than a converter. It’s been a while now but i recall it had sth to do with sinewaves, etc.

Relax it was simple question some gadgets do actually come with voltage selectors. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Kama Sony Hi Fi zinakuaga na Voltage Selector it’s not uncommon. Now, as regards refresh rates, I think it’s garbage. Nonsense. Refresh Rate na frame rate ni the same thing. Don’t believe that nonesense ati the frame is being refreshed faster sijui ati the blur is reduced. When you shoot something with a camera, that’s it. It’s shot you can’t add new images ati to improve the picture and remove artifacts and smoothen sijui what. The same applies to any video game once it’s finalized it’s done. There’s nothing ati at 240 Hz refresh rate you can see better particles. What that manufacturer of the TV has done is try and guess what the water drops in the blur could look like so in some instances he cleverly copies some of the original frames and adds them to the video in a very smart way which fools your eye into thinking that the image has become sharper. In some way like in movies this might alter the film expirience altogether and make what they call the soap opera effect. You’re not seeing what was originally shot by the camera or developed by the game developer. This is like that gimmick in action movies ati the FBI or the police have some bad CCTV footage or very poor audio wanacheza nayo for several minutes hadi it becomes 100% clear. That is non sense. So sijui 120 refresh rate na 240 refresh rate… those are marketing ploys. You can’t even see a frame with the naked eye how would you notice it being refreshed?

Now as far as shooting frame rates is concerned, there are cameras that can shoot 48 frames per second for real without creating that fast forward look. For instance The Hobbit was actually shot at 48 frames per second instead of the normal 24 frames per second. But I don’t want to get into this. I don’t think your brain can handle some of the advanced stuff.

I din read your shit but here… as I said please for the love of God just stop. Its triggering tryna act like you know…
And so many more like i said fps developer end sets it refresh rate tv manufacterer which every1 by now knows about from your fucking head it seems hard to comprehend . I took a lot of time setting up my comp rig and console and have lost a lot of shit i can call you out on but this i wont let slide it simple basic. FRAPS You can change hz you cant get that numbskull and stop talking out of your ass

weee acha maneno mingi mzee. unachoma transformer na blu ray na sijui xbox alafu bado unakuja hapa kujidai mjuaji? Mtu anahiribu vitu ovyo ovyo ni mtu hajielewi. You should not be allowed anywhere near electronics. Wewe hata labda hujui kutumia plug. Labda hata unaishi, kibera huko ndio vitu huchomeka ovyo ovyo due to illegal power connections. Ati transformer inalipuka 4 times… where in Kenya? Mbona unataka kutusi Kenya Power?
Ama ni vitu za wizi tunaongea hapa? Labda hata blu ray umeskia kwa net. Weka picha za hizo umechoma ndio niamini. Wacha story za kanyoka reloaded hapa. Weka picha ya hizo Xbox na bluray, but be warned there are ways to confirm images. Wachana na refresh rate ya computer monitor we are talking about a Toshiba TV coming to Kenya and whether it would work. And I say yes, na nimewekelea picha ya converter which that hustler could use for that particular TV. Wekelea picha za Xbox wacha maneno mingi. Wee hata hujawai ona motion capture ya video game ikifanywa live na bado unabishana.

Nigga u going their … who keeps a xbox 360 thats dead…You talk motion capture in video gaming like u even get what motion capture and rendering is those are two fucking different pieces of shit. YOu have talked nonsense from start N try make those fingers be trigger fingers now wacha nikuweke blu ray pic nikifika keja ile natumia saa hii…unafikiria watu walianza kujau I. T na kabambe net. Nigga unafikiria mi ni mse nai atimatusi yenu ya kibera inacatch fade. Stfu nani hana Xbox 360 na kuwa hizi shit hulipuka ukitumia sana got an Xbox 1 N nigga thinks I still keeping the old shit dat imeungua. Nigga enda upeleke hii b.s yako kwa kibanda hapo imenti kama application ya kutengeneza dvd kwa stall ya walalo but usilete upuzi mahali pple have actual know how this shit works. Y fucking asked if a console has a switch ya voltage huko nyuma hata ps2 ya @uwesmake rip haijawahi kuwa nayo N u even know why such things can’t be done do u …u stupid piece of shit writes that online.mambo ya converter hio ni 50/50 mi as I said if u a guy who doesn’t switch off stuff well power outages will blow it up. We ni fundi wa stima …video ama kuongea ujinga. I think it’s ujinga tu.

Can some1 help this idiot hata kusoma link ni shida … it’s even in the first fucking sentense

Refresh Rate is not to be confused with Frames Per Second. FPS is how fast your graphics card can output individual frames each second, and is covered under the Frames Per Second section of this guide. Refresh rate is a separate

This sounds like gibberish. Can’t make head or tail of what you’re going on about.

U r fucking retarded BTW …just know that. U Cant figure out how many fingers u got even after struggling to be taught how to count retard level

Nani hana XBox?.. Mimi sina na sijawahi kuwa nayo. @Luther12 wewe unayo?