Black females kill Uber Eats driver after trying to steal car



She deserves to die

She was having a bad day, she should relax a bit. Some yoga and therapy sessions should do

13 and 15. Do they go to juvenile homes or what.

:mad::mad::mad:… I am fucking triggered. Wtf!! She has just killed a someone and all she is thinking about is her phone!!

Very sad. These are hardcore criminals who must face justice.

This will take a racial tangent.

Ule wa kutemeana mate last two weeks is facing a 20yr jail term. Feminazis wako kwa crosshairs roundi hii

Kike ni noma

looks like GTA 5 but with consequences

shida ya watu hawalipangi fare

Us is turning into a shithole, and what with all those shootings?

Hawa wanafaa kufinywa nini hio … wamemada mujamaa na ghaidi shida yake ni tenje

‘Leavin’ em dead on the floor’ got a whole ass new meaning.:D:D:D
Free da guyz mehn.

Black Americans are a special breed of stupid, hii ndio tabia they praise calling it gangster.

Hii maisha onetime uko hai next time umetuacha.

Angewaachia gari bana, insurance iko

Dang…your msee haja dae poa…pesa ya uber ni ya umbwa

We wuz kangz and shiet

Been sitting on this story for a couple of days.Went down a rabbit hole of DC teens…they lost man.They do this for a quick come up or initiation …fucking stupid.

Why is that you cant die with both shoes on? yaani lazima kiatu itoke