Black Cinderella. Nigerian men are shitty.. Huyu ndio poko wanalipa 15K

She is a confessed sex worker and mostly deals with Nigerian men… Price 15K…

Nigerians are not human beings. They are gorillas who just look like humans


One man’s beauty is another man’s hag…


Rexx’s type


women lie jamaa… hata yeye akitoka kwako umpe 1000 atasema amelipwa 5K kupandisha soko na kupaka kinuthia next mafuta amgonge


The only exception is our Arsenal hero Bukayo Saka

This statement is very unfortunate

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I second that, wewe lipia yenye unaona inafaa, doesn’t matter what the next man pays for the same commodity.

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Nimeona hiyo sura na jina nikajua it’s familiar. That’s when it starts hitting me that ni shemeji and know her through someone close to her ,and her background. Out of respect na sitaki nishikwe​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:au kushtakiwa …ntanyamaza but all I can say,if you can afford her price…and you love pleasure,the thrill and no disappointment,endea…

Ukitoa nguo she’s a 2/10.

Tunajua a 15k session ni anything goes.

All styles. Kufa mende, spooning, cowgirl, doggie, bj, RJ, etc
Dirty scat anal
Fart in mouth
Dirty Sanchez
Shat on face
Strap on and dick combo
Golden shower
Vomit lube anal

By the time munamaliza lanye amelipa Doo yote

You got a weird fetish