Black Chef loses brand deals over past tweets bashing black women:Kuzalia Junguu ni kuji penda

LOL. I love America. The land of accountability. Black men are the epitome of self hate but they hate on black women who prefer white men over their chimpanzee asses. LOL. Junguu allll the way. Kuzalia junguu ni kuji penda, don’t nobody have time to be raising self hating chimpanzees. Keep it junguu, you can date whoever you want including Satan himself but when it’s time for anything serious like children, you know it’s junguu time. Get kids for men who love themselves and who are at the top. Leave this bottom beach self hating niggas behind for good . LOL.

Umezaa panya ama bado unachanga za IVF?

I always wondered what is wrong with this white, Asian, mixed women who are with these chimpanzees. If I live in a country where 99.9% of the men are black and I’m willing to go to great lengths to avoid having their kids coz I consider it a waste and I only want kids with a junguu, how about women living in white majority places? Why would you do this to yourself? Unazalia chimpanzees yet you are a white woman and black woman are jumping through hoops of fire kuzalia wazungu, wachina name it. Anyone but chimpanzees. These white/Asian women are confused. A nigga is a nigga is a chimpanzee, is not worth the effort. Not worth it.

[ATTACH=full]491451[/ATTACH]nobody white wants to mate with an old tired Truman caboon