Black cars

How badly off are black cars in hot weather as compared to brighter colours…

A black Allion sometimes looks like a Mercedes from far

Gari nyeusi ni shida tupu, after some time rangi inaanza kukaa zebra, kwingine ni nyeusi kuliko kwingine… Ukiosha lazima uipanguze Mara kadhaa ama inaacha mistari, lazima upake polish… Ikipatwa na scratches utaitana…

A dark car looks very sleek. Kama huwezi maintain gari, wewe ni bure kabisa! (Read in Ubako’s voice)

haha… hapana braza.

Gari nyeusi huwes enda nayo ocha.
Hizo shrubs zikiipata Ni shida tufu

A black car is good. I dont hink there is much difference between black and grey/silver/blue in terms of heat and UV damage . white is probably a bit resistant. The problem with a black car is that it is to be kept in pristine condition or it will look bad very quickly because it doesnt hide imperfections. to be kept in indoor parking or in a good shade away from the sun. You want a black car to keep its original paint until you sell it and you want to keep it glossy and shiny and reflective. You dont want a kamau/oti open air paint job and you dont want panel beating before a paint job. A black car is not for sharing because it hates scratches and dents. And any car gets crapped by the sun inside out.

Even Mercedes sells their Black versions at a slightly higher price than a similar white version.

what about the silver?

If you live in a gated estate, sometimes you will leave it in the driveway. Kids will be kids and they will scratch that car. The marks will be conspicuous compared to a silver car.

And if you live in an own compound ([SIZE=1]your[/SIZE]) kids won’t scratch?

sijaona mtu amepeana jibu relevant to the question…i think he is asking in terms of temperatures inside the vehicle in hot weather…


Yeah man…

No they won’t. You can lock the garage

I own a black car and previously had a sliver one and live in the coast. There is no significant difference in the temperature in hot weather.



Black & Dark Blue cars look more premium and attractive and fetch a higher price. The down side is that kids are attracted to dark colours so kuchorwa chorwa ni lazima, they never touch white cars.
Silver & White cars on the other hand are for watuz since hata rangi ikiparara unapaka ya nyumba na ikigongwa unaficha na unga ya ngano kama ile bullet hole:D:D:D

acha maoneo:D:D:D:D