Black bonobo UK finance minister to be sacked after a horrid performance

Huyu house nigga uncle ya @Akon City II is a known white ass licker and now they are blaming him for UK economic woes. @entertainedd this is what happens to Black “conservatives”



Knee Garrs wanafaa kuwekwa vitu kaa Minister of Sports ama Minister of Dance


Bonobos na hesabu hazimix

Ndindu, kuja useme bonobo Isa bad manager

Oh, so was he sacked because of his skin color?

And FYI, Africans are by default ‘conservative’. They don’t label themselves that way because it is the default in African culture. It’s in the west where people who are rejecting the deviation from the normal way of life need to label themselves ‘conservative’.

That’s racism , those British cunts should not sack that negro , they should give him time since black lives matter .:D:D we condemn it with strongest words possible from our headquarters pipu.

But he just fulfilled what the woman premier promised, the tax cuts. The woman should resign

When did Britain get another pm after the resignation of Boris Johnson?

Watu wapende kwao

Bonobos are associated with errors

The guy is quite bright. He speaks Greek and Latin has a PhD and studied in Harvard and Cambridge. Hii ni kurushwa tu under the bus as the fall guy for all that British roastie’s bad decisions vile Uhuru alifanya kiunjuri after his poor handling of the locust problem in 2020.