Black American runs over a lady bus driver.

[SIZE=5]Biden’s America. Black privilege. Subaru drivers. [/SIZE]



[SIZE=7]Man Wanted for Mowing Down School Bus Driver at NYC Intersection[/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]Police said the woman suffered a fractured pelvis, cuts to her liver and a fractured rib[/SIZE]
By Myles Miller • Published May 1, 2021 • Updated on May 1, 2021 at 11:52 am

NBC Universal, Inc. Police were searching Saturday for the suspect wanted for driving over a school bus driver in Brooklyn, part of a violent confrontation caught on camera. NBC New York’s Myles Miller reports.
The search is on for a man police say deliberately drove his car into a school bus driver in a Friday afternoon violent encounter caught on camera.
Police were still searching for the suspect Saturday accused of running the woman over at a traffic light at Linden Boulevard and Hinsdale Street. The NYPD released video of the encounter caught entirely on video.

In the beginning of the video, the driver of a gray 2020 Subaru Crosstrek exits the car stopped behind the school bus at the traffic light. He’s seen walking toward the driver’s side of the bus and that’s when police say he started banging on the side of the bus.

Then, the man walks back toward the Subaru, gets inside, while the bus driver steps out to take a picture of the vehicle.

That’s when the suspect starts driving his vehicle to the left of the bus, where the driver is trying to take the photo, and drives into the woman. Police said the driver continued down Hinsdale Street, leaving the woman face down in the street several feet from where she was standing.,576Police said the suspect’s vehicle was a gray-colored 2020 Subaru Crosstrek with New York State license plate JKE-6813.

Police have also circulated a photo of the Subaru and its license plate the woman was able to take moments before it struck her.

EMS rushed to the scene and transported the woman to Brookdale Hospital where she was listed in critical condition. Police said the woman suffered a fractured pelvis, cuts to her liver and a fractured rib.

No children or other passengers were aboard the bus at the time of the incident, police said Saturday. Their preliminary investigation indicates the Subaru and bus drivers got into a verbal dispute after the suspect tried to drive around the bus but was stopped.

The driver was last seen wearing a light-colored jacket, a green baseball cap, blue jeans and sneakers, according to police.

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Smh. What a shame, that poor lady. These are the people Biden wants to bring into our neighborhoods. We worked really hard to escape this rubbish but now Biden says it’s racist to live in “exclusionary zones.”

I’m not surprised this happened in the failed communist state of NY. Are you??

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No I’m not surprised at all.

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Crime was always there during obamas, bush’s, or Biden’s time. Accept and move on


A typical example of road rage. Not a political issue. This is also a global phenomenon as I have seen in many videos on you tube.

Drivers must always understand that while on the road they must always be patient and that their decisions and actions can save or cost lives. This one will be found and dealt with.