Hi peeps got a query for those who have used the blackberry phone which mini browser can you use instead of the default browser that comes with the phone?..cos inanikula bundles na opera is not in Its app store… am using the z10

Any other browser apart from default browser gives problems. I am using bold and whatever browser u get fron Blackberry world comes with more stress
Stick to default

Subscribe to BlackBerry Internet Services bruh.


Thanks for the heads up man…

Marossi I thought they scrapped off the one we used to subscribe with 20 bob…but il check there other options.

Z10 allows you to install Android APs …Go to settings->App Manager and allow Apps from other sources to be installed.

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Your firmware must be updated to install android apps.(10.2.1 and above. the latest one is the update contains Amazon appstore app which you can use to download various android apps including opera mini. The other option is to download 1mobile market app and install apps you want.


Thanks for the info…

Emcee in fact mine updated juzi to and I’ve spotted the Amazon in my menu thanks for the tip ubaya to the camera in a shiva mini sana and I’ve seen its a problem with the model

BIS is not available in BB10 devices such as Z10

I use the Z10 too and use the default browser. But for the Curve I have opera Mini.

it is available for bb10 devices, but the one for 999

how have you dealt with the camera problem ama yako iko sawa…

Hio Ya 999 ndio gani mblo?

Aii? I asked the safcom guys wakasema it’s not there because the BB10 devices use normal data just like other smartphones. Me I h Q10