BK without makeup.

She’s quite bubbly and has a charming character yes, but well as a man, she disrespected the sanctity of marriage and killed the husband’s ego. Nothing worse than your woman being dry-fried and the whole world knows except you. Fine, people cheat but ikifika point you cheat and show off a porche cayenne to your whole office, and fellow scribes know it’s from Gov 001, then that’s just wrong.
Someone whispered to Okari about it and the rest is history. Men will pretend just to hit the cookie but no sane man will settle down with her knowing what she did. Because at some point, 5, 10, 15 years down the line she will be dry fried again, probably by a colleague.
Women love attention and in any union, that attention from hubby always wanes and there’s someone somewhere who spends more time with your wife at work and compliments her every morning. Remove the risk of getting caught or falling pregnant coupled with abit of alcohol/wine in her system, your bubbly wife will get dry fried by a colleague at some team-building out of town.That colleague she always says is a nice guy, has a girlfriend/wife, helps her in the office and sometimes covers for her. Yes that one. Huyo ndio fisi.
I laughed at @Ka-Buda comment the other day saying, at some point in marriage utakamuliwa Bibi, there’s always a ninja who’s more handsome, has more money or is more charming than you. Alot of women will fall into this trap. How lucky are you usikamuliwe bibi 10-15 years into marriage. The percentage is very small.
Not to pour too much shade, I also know of women who respect their union and carry themselves around with dignity, kudos to them. But it’s a jungle out here though.

hehee…huyu hamwezi pata nudes zake…msichana ana adabu…na kama lazma atume nudes juu ni trend,then anatumia wanaume wa heshma akina brikichz…si tuboys twa “kiss n tell”