Biwott Burial in Pics

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Curiouser and curiouser it gets
A eulogy without a life history
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That one is for commoners and busy bodies like you. Ile halisia was conducted in privacy with the attendance of real “stakeholders”.


hii merc hearse iko everywhere kwa ma big fish . it also transported gachagua

on the way to nyeri


That Title is misleading. The rich are not buried but “Laid to Rest”
Just like they are taken to “Funeral Homes” and not mortuaries.

Capice ??

you can say that again

which talkers will go mourn with his children this time? last time gachagua’s kids supposedly had a mourning session attended by a talker which they were unaware of

Lucy too.

kwani yeye haweki coordinates za google maps kwa eulogy

Coffin ni ya Gold as said ama ni porojo tu?

yote ni vanity!


Na burret ploof ??

Let him rest

true and his body wont rot but slowly decay !

Jacob Juma too

kumbe alikuwa na kijana…

“Be what” send off derailed. [SIZE=1]He is refusing to go[/SIZE]…does it have to do with his final wishes, (a golden bullet proof casket )?